Nobody is writing the truth about Small Business.

Not really.

All great altruistic souls are talking about the subject like they know. But they don’t know. And they really can’t do anything about it for the same reason. Kind of reminds me of people telling me how to raise my children and they’ve never been blessed with a dirty diaper or an all-night party with your two years old. I’ll guarantee you one thing for sure. Whatever my small business CEOs are doing right now, they’re not going to opt to read a book. They’re out there in the jungles of corporate business runnin’ and gunnin’. News sound bites and smartphones have replaced magazines, newspapers and the six o’clock news. CEOs crave adrenaline and a CEO’s life is that of an unsung hero slash rock star. He blows into the office with the big plan. Nobody applauds. Employees have no idea what’s going on or why and they’re hoping for the best in a company that’s in trouble.

By the way, qualified people need not apply. Historically, people “not-qualified” have changed the world for the better and “qualified” people have systematically caused more chaos than Doctor Phil. As fiduciary’s in charge of the corporation and it’s well being, we’re expected to know how to be helpful. Lead, teach and inspire are three words that are defined on a regular basis by so many and revered by so few.

Business Cash Flow

Cash flow is not a belief system held by a club on the corner bar and grill, rather it is a correct way of life. Knowledge of when to pay bills and immediate collection is not for the faint of heart. Positive cash flow can only be achieved by you, the most passionate collection agency on the planet for your corporation. Mediocrity has no place in “produce, deliver and collect.” A leader champions his people to produce a good product, deliver on time and pick up the check. Complacency in any of these areas will yield catastrophic results. Teaching and garnering knowledge from those who have achieved in the face of failure is to investigate the truth. Constant achievement is awarded to those who learn from their failures, ask appropriate questions and do their homework, follow up their assignments and instill care and enthusiasm in life.

So what does all that mean? You can’t lead if you don’t know the answers. You can’t teach if you haven’t overcome the problems. You can’t inspire people with one and two if you don’t care. Knowledge and wisdom come from constant attention to detail in all aspects of your job. Invest in your faith, your business and your families, and Heaven will continue investing in you.

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