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There is no emotional description of the anxiety of a CEO in the throws of financial upset. Upon the realization that the ship is sinking the CEO is nearly suffocated by an overwhelming assault of creditors and client problems. The business grinds and stalls, lines of credit deplete, all good plans fail, our Hero is alone. Fear and mayhem seep into the hallways of the team, paychecks bounce, production falters, suppliers quit, cell phone service interrupts, tax agencies attack, banks begin foreclosure, the CEO’s personal home is clearly in jeopardy, the nightmare ensues and few will survive it. Certainly if this applies to you there is no certainty left in your life. Call right now anytime day or night. Let’s try and a make this thing right itself.


Get Ahold Of Yourself And The Business.

Client Branding

Branding, in the normal sense of business terminology, utilizes marketing techniques to insert a product into the market so that the public views a product as the one to buy. Branding instills safety in the hearts of consumers thereby allowing them to let go of their hard earned cash for your product.

Unfortunately, it works backwards as well. When a corporation is falling apart the industry now “brands” the CEO and his team as a failed endeavor, not to be trusted.

The first order of business is to protect the company and rebuild relationships. Not an easy task, however it must be done, without fear, in the truth of common sense and a clear program.

The most successful branding I have ever seen happens when a company turns itself around. An entire industry watches the process and by word of mouth alone, without a penny spent on advertising, the success of the underdog is applauded and business booms.

PRC Makes it easy.

If you are willing to give up on the old ideas, listen and immediately follow direction, there is hope. However, like surfing on a hideous sea of jagged glass, you must act quickly with this new information, lest you be cut to pieces by creditors and your competition. Within the first few days of working correctly, things begin to improve.

PRC Support

Available 24/7. When the demons show up in the middle of the night, or anytime for that matter, call email or text your questions or just write down your fears. As all of us who run companies know, there is no way to understand the stress level of a CEO unless you are in the chair yourself. PRC understands the responsibilities of the office of the President and has an uncanny ability to help carry out the assignments necessary to reinvigorate the mission! Anxiety and fear are easily discussed away – replaced with understanding and clear direction.

PRC Compatibility

There is a need for many. Obviously, there is only one PRC. The profile of a customer is four points:

1. Willing to make hard choices
2. Honest in their information provided daily, weekly, and forever
3. A product generating receivables
4. A unique ability to take direction under the extreme conditions of re-organization

There is a two week test period for applicants chosen. During that time PRC begins the work of turning around the company and allies with the company 100%. There is intense training for the CEO, both in person and by phone, interviews with key employees, a complete financial audit and a comprehensive look at the entire corporate program everyday.


All clients are confidential. There is no resume whereby PRC will utilize your story or anybody else’s tales of struggle and strife in order to commemorate a horn blowing for PRC. The entire relationship is under the radar with the exception of those players involved during the time of the re-organization. For over twenty years PRC has been helping people in trouble, watching with great pride as they begin to succeed. They’ve earned the accolades that come from successful business — the program is not easy, quite the opposite.

Initial consultation is free, two weeks of follow up daily…, free. After that PRC will quote a price per month and that number will never change, unless agreed upon by both PRC and our Hero. No contract necessary. If you are unhappy, easy to stop the process anytime.


PRC operates on the business as a whole, focusing on relationships for the CEO and his company as it relates to the market community. PRC is not a bank or lending institution. As an expert in the field of Bankruptcy and Re-organization, there is no area of financial or emotional issues that are not dealt with for the sake of good stewardship to the company and positive cash flow. A company is a reflection of the CEO’s state of mind and a solid business plan.

In Troubled Times, A Mind Is A Dangerous Place, Don’t Go In There Alone!

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