“We searched for an attorney – our company was trending toward bankruptcy with decreasing sales. We found ourselves in serious need for training to save our company. We were introduced to a financial expert with numerous years of corporate turn-around successes and our own hopes began growing. Patrick Rettig, in less than a year, trained our finance operations, advanced our marketing and sales and, most importantly, taught us how to best conduct customer management. Our company has become successful with sales approaching ten times of that prior to knowing Patrick Rettig.”
Bryan D. Ulch
CEO Florite International Incorporated
“As a small business trying to get to the next level I was introduced to Patrick by a family member. Within 10 days of meeting he had evaluated by business looking back many years and discussed goals looking forward. Next he provided me road map and a dream team of legal, accounting, marketing and even spiritual consultants that have made it all happen. A year later my business had a solid infrastructure with weekly team meetings and had more than doubled in size. I simply did not have the vision or finances to accomplish what Patrick has brought to my company. It has been a life changer for me and my family. He even makes sure I keep my motorcycle properly maintained!”
Ron Wolter
Factory Signage & Graphics
“Thank you Rettig Corporation. Because of you and your staff we are in an amazing place today. Patrick, because of you we have a wonderful life now.”
John and Shirley Manning
John Manning Plumbing
“When I met Pat Rettig, I was in a pretty desperate state. From our first meeting, everything that Pat had to say made perfect sense and I knew I needed to work with him. In a matter of a few short months, my whole life started to transform. Within these six years, Pat has helped me to successfully navigate my divorce, directed me through all the difficulties involving my poor investments, taught me how to transform my business into a healthy, well-organized company, helped me develop healthier relationships with my family and lead me back to my faith. Every single piece of advice and information Pat has given me has been absolutely right-on – and always with me and my company’s best interest at heart.”
Susie Ameche
CEO Make Be-leaves
“I have worked with Pat Rettig for a number of years. He has keen insight into business owners’ thinking and the priorities they need in life. He has incisive judgment about the steps a business owner should follow to turn the business around. He has a great “sense” of what is possible and practical. I love his reply to a Bankruptcy Court Judge in a recent case. The Judge was considering a motion to appoint Pat is the business owner’s financial advisor. The Judge asked, “What do you do?” Pat replied, “I’m a financial janitor. I clean up other people’s financial messes.” Needless to say, the Judge appointed Pat and authorized payment to him from the Company. In summary, Pat is compassionate, smart and practical. He’ll do a great job for you.”
Russel M. Frandsen, Esq.
The Business Legal Group
“Patrick has extra-ordinary talent to help troubled companies and their owners; and, years of experience in a variety of difficult situations that allowed honing of his skills. As a banker of over 30 years, it has been with pleasure and some awe to watch him work with his “Business First, Family First” methodology. Having introduced to him to business owners on the brink of insolvency, this banker has witnessed first-hand his facility to not only quickly determine what needs to be done, but also his ability to adroitly get it done. A fierce protector of the interests of the owner and their family, those who actually follow his advice, as hard as it may be to hear at the time, profit long term. He is a fair honest man who lives by his word. A rare commodity today. If your company is struggling, there is no one better to have in your corner than Mr. Rettig. At the end of the day, your family will thank you.”
James Cline
Vice President and Team Leader at California Bank & Trust

What Our Clients Say About Rettig Corp

Our business at The Rettig Corporation is helping companies overcome the struggle of insolvency, address reorganization and restore stability & profitability.

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Our business at The Rettig Corporation is helping companies overcome the struggle of insolvency, address reorganization and restore stability & profitability. We take an aggressive approach to stop the financial bleeding and reorganize the priorities within a business.

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