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What distinguishes The Rettig Corp is an unparalleled synthesis of expertise spanning bankruptcy law, operational protocols, marketing strategies, labor management, and cost accounting.  We are an elite team of professionals highly skilled in the arena of catastrophic failure and business restructuring in the face of the impossible.

“Business owners may be searching for things that are not good for them, and these searches would indicate they need our services to avoid the very things they are searching for, such as “business debt, bridge loans, short-term loans, hard money loans, unsecured debt or even company bankruptcy … when businesses make the decision to solve their cash flow problems with debt, they need the Rettig Corp.”  – Julie Rothgeb, CPA/CFO

Business Turnaround Specialist, Patrick Rettig, CEO The Rettig Corp

Business Turnaround Specialist, Patrick Rettig, CEO of “The Rettig Corp”

At our core, we’re passionate about helping companies that are facing tough times. Honestly, it’s what we do best. And you know what’s heartwarming? Once we help these companies, they tend to stick with us. It’s like they’ve become part of our extended family.

We step in and offer the foundational support they might’ve been missing, which probably led to some of their initial challenges. I’ve seen so many small business owners who are absolutely brilliant at what they do, whether they’re crafting beautiful products or offering amazing products & services.

But sometimes, just sometimes, they might not be well-versed in things like reading financial statements, taxes, loans, or strategizing for growth. It’s not their fault; they just didn’t have the right info at hand.


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RETTIG CORP - CFO, Julie Rothgeb CPA

“We excel in assisting companies that are struggling, not only by saving and revitalizing them but also by building a bond akin to family. Our clients often remain with us for many years, largely because we provide the critical infrastructure they initially lacked. This shortfall is what typically led them into difficulty. Small business owners, whether they’re contractors, retail shop owners, or other professionals, are experts in their craft. However, often through no fault of their own, they may lack essential skills like reading financial statements or scaling their business. This gap in knowledge can lead to trouble due to a lack of necessary information. When we step in, our approach isn’t overly complex, but it’s transformative. We address the core issues that have hindered these business owners. Patrick, in particular, has a unique ability to rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit within these CEOs. They know how to perform their roles effectively; they just needed guidance to find their way again.”

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“When we jump in, it’s not like we’re performing magic or anything. We’re just giving them the business tools and insights they need. Patrick‘s got this incredible knack for reigniting that spark in CEOs. These folks know their stuff, they sometimes just need a little nudge in the right direction, you know?” – Julie Rothgeb, CFO/CPA

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