Those companies that survive are guided by a person who will not quit learning.






The Business Turnaround Team

Rettig Corp is an elite team of professionals highly skilled in the arena of catastrophic failure and restructuring in the face of impossible.


Patrick Rettig, CEO


The Rettig Corporation’s Business Turnaround Team founder Patrick Rettig has been America’s top turnaround man for more than 25 years, hundreds of companies and thousands of jobs.

Patrick succeeds at reorganization by showing CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses how to manage all aspects of the business while under extreme financial pressure, often taking on the clients that no one else will.

Patrick has ‘6th sense’ for how to turn troubled businesses around. He operates as an independent CFO, specializing in emergency situations and reorganization. Patrick is a media personality and regular guest on television and radio shows. Contact us anytime night or day.


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