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Cash flow, everyone has a problem with it…

Teaching a CEO how to manage cash flow is a challenge, or at least it was in the past. I remember those days when I would sit in a meeting with the owner of the company and accounting. The CEO would virtually glaze over trying to understand what the accountant and bookkeepers were talking about and in the end the meeting was pointless.

The owner of a company is basically an American Hero and should have a direct line to information, not billions of line items that can be understood by only accounting. Early in my career, I invented the CRITICAL PROFIT REPORT (CPR). An amazing simple report, on the cash basis, simply telling the CEO how much money is in the bank, how much money is owed by the first of the month and how much money is needed to make the bills. In that report we identify “company killers” things that must be paid or the company is in jeopardy.

Key Profit and Cash Flow Report aka CPR

“Critical Profit” refers to the critical nature of cash flow, cash now, cash tomorrow and cash by the end of the month. It identifies stagnant debt the company is carrying and easily shows if it’s getting worse. It is the greatest document ever in the history of business for the entrepreneur, bridging the gap of “accounting speak” and “soldier in the field” understanding.

Cash flow management is a critical challenge for CEOs. Understanding complex financial reports can be overwhelming, often leading to ineffective meetings and decision-making. To address this, I developed the Critical Profit Report (CPR) – a straightforward, cash-based report that clearly outlines the company’s financial health.

The CPR demystifies finances by showing the current bank balance, upcoming obligations, and necessary funds for meeting expenses. It also highlights ‘company killers’ – urgent liabilities that must be addressed immediately.

Also, the CPR has been instrumental in helping numerous CEOs navigate their financial landscape more effectively.

If you’re struggling with understanding your company’s finances, the Critical Profit Report can provide clear and actionable insights. Contact me.

Remember, financial success is about smart management. With the CPR, you’re not just surviving; you’re thriving. This report has become the staple of protection for an untold amount of American Business Heroes, just like you, over many, many years. As I always say,

“If you can pay all your bills and have a dollar left, you’re rich, be grateful.”

The Critical Profit Report CPR will get you there… and keep you there.

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