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Hello and welcome to your friendly neighborhood Turnaround Man. I am Patrick Rettig.
Today, we will be talking about convergence and illusive expense. Let’s start with illusive expense. Illusive expense is something you can’t measure. So let’s remember that. It is something you can’t measure.

Convergence is where your belief system, your business, your family and your politics all converge at the same time. When you go into insolvency or when you go into waters that are without money, you start to find yourself in terrible, terrible trouble.

Suddenly you have to ask yourself what you look like to other people. Because what you look like to other people… how authentic that you can be… is definitely the core of success.

You may look like you are successful but you’re not. You are borrowing money against your house or you’re trying to keep up with the Jones. That’s not a good thing. Tell people the truth. Your belief system – who you hang out with and how you act – your wife, your husband – what you look like to your children – your business and how you are running it –you are outside the box and borrowing money – these are not good.

Convergence is where you are the common denominator – in your family, your business, your belief system or your religion, whatever that may be, and politics – where they all converge at the same time. People are looking at you. People will help you. The community will help you. But you must be honest. Otherwise the illusive expense…when people find out you are lying – that you are not going to deliver on time – that you are borrowing money from the bank that you never intended to give back …when that starts to become a reality, people won’t talk to you anymore. You will never know that the people, who were watching you and wanted to help, have decided to step back a little.

Illusive income is immeasurable until you actually put it in the bank. However “right living” will yield an almost immediate income that is measurable absolutely. So when you talk to people truthfully you will find that the good guys surface and the bad guys simply fade away. Be truthful in what you are doing and although it seems inconvenient at the time, surviving insolvency is not for the faint of heart. You must know that the alliances you make could last for the rest of your life. So when you get in trouble, be honest with what’s going on. Stay consistent. Don’t try to bamboozle your way through. Be honest. Be on top. Never be afraid of the truth. Find your way out of trouble by going back to the old ways of keeping a new promise that can truthfully right your mistakes by going back to your core business, making deals that can happen, living inside of a financial box that is realistic and then following up with all those involved.

Convergence. You are the common denominator in convergence. Convergence – your business, your belief system, your family, and your politics…everything that you believe in…you are the center of that. Don’t lie. Walk the talk and talk the walk. Be on top of the game even when things are impossibly challenging!

I hope to hear from you soon if you have trouble. It is best to call sooner than later.
Have a good day.