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Our business turnaround services at The Rettig Corporation focus on improving cash flow, stabilizing operations, communicating with key stakeholders to re-build their support, exploring all strategic options, and developing a comprehensive turnaround strategy.

Patrick Rettig’s unique blend of bankruptcy expertise, training, marketing, operations, labor control and cost accounting tools coupled with his exceptional teaching, coaching, and implementation of these systems and controls, set him and The Rettig Corporation apart from other turnaround specialists.

Business Turnaround specialist, Patrick Rettig, CEO

Business Turnaround specialist, Patrick Rettig, CEO of Rettig Corp.

Most importantly, Patrick focuses on the CEO. Therein lies the secret of the success or failure of the company. Daily business turnaround discussions will yield profitable scenarios in all aspects of one’s life, business, relationships, and money. It’s time to live again. Failure is not a solution.”

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Cup about the importance of learning!

Cup about the importance of learning!

Cup People ...people that stop learning... Hunter: Let’s talk about the importance of learning. You have a term for people that stop learning. Cup people. Patrick: Oh, cup people. Dude, cup people. H: How does one not become a cup person? P: Let’s define the cup. You...

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Win Win

Win Win

Win Win Hunter: So, Patrick, let’s talk about making deals with people. You talked about, we’re aiming for a win win situation. So, what does a win win situation look like? Patrick: Let’s get out of the mindset that I make more than you. I as the term goes manipulate...

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The Triangle: Mind, body, and spirit

The Triangle: Mind, body, and spirit

The Triangle: Mind, body, and spirit Hunter: Okay Patrick, what’s this triangle that you talk about? Patrick: I got sixty seconds to do this? H: Sixty seconds. P: Triangle. Three Sides. Mind, body, and spirit. Mind, body, and spirit. Let’s just hold that in our- look...

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