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Going out of business? Let’s change that.

The Rettig Corporation is a business turnaround management firm dedicated to helping the (SMB) Small and medium-sized enterprises stay in business and getting its owner back on track. No special wishes or magical erasers are available at the time of complete financial failure. Only direct and compassionate stewardship services, guidance by Patrick Rettig and his business turnaround team of experts. We provided explicit direction each day that must be taken entirely, in order to find the way back to correctness.

Business Turnaround

A successful turnaround of a business is a statement of personal growth, acceptance of one’s ignorance and the ability to embrace a knowledge you have yet to learn in business. A second chance to make responsible financial choices. Business bankruptcy comes from a stubborn nature that will not change until the very thing you represent breaks incomprehensibly. Financial difficulties are a reflection of one’s limit of acceptance and understanding. How to turnaround a company is through an intense forensic study of one’s “origin of failure.” How to turn around a business owner or CEO, is to take this new information and put it to the absolute power in an impossible situation, sans an ego, and return to a positive balance on all sides of the triangle.

Our Stewardship Services help you overcome insolvency.

business turnaround servicesWe use analysis and planning to save troubled companies. Company insolvency can only be interrupted prior to complete collapse of all solutions available to a CEO. After that, there is no company and no way back. As an insolvency practitioner the measure of the CEO is how fast he will assimilate wisdom after the ego realizes that the end is in sight. Insolvent companies are many. Solvent companies are very few. To be an insolvent firm is easy. In order to turnaround a failing business, it is vital to find an affordable crisis management firm able to lead, teach and inspire. Advanced financial services include Chapter 11 reorganization, which will avoid bankruptcy receivership and allow a turnaround manager to steer the company out of retrenchment, foreclosure and any number of tax problems thus allowing the return to solvency.

You’ll be OK if you get help.

Saving troubled companies is a very unique science and requires management review on an hour, by hour basis, seven days a week for as long as it takes. Turnaround consulting is impossible if a stubborn CEO is not willing to change course. Techniques for organization and repositioning a company in the face of such clear and present financial and emotional trauma can only be learned over a period of time. A CEO must employ humility and give jurisdiction to those who’ve been entrusted to save a corporate and personal life.

Business Turnaround

The turnaround business is not for the faint of heart. You must be strong and accept the reality of a tough, competitive market place and we’re here to ensure your company returns to solvency.

Rettig Corporation | Turnaround Management Firm


Rettig Corporation is business turnaround management team that guides struggling small and medium-sized enterprises through both financial and management reorganization. While maintaining the letter of the law, our mission is to do whatever it takes to overcome insolvency, stabilize and save your business. We provide management review, root failure cause analysis, and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis to determine why the company is failing. We communicate with your key stakeholders so that you can rebuild their support. We crisis manage to return stability while in business turnaround to great success. We take an aggressive approach to return a business to profitability. Now is the time to reorganize and take your business onto the next chapter. Contact us today.

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