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Business Turnaround / Insolvency Expert

My name is Patrick Rettig and I am the CEO of Rettig Corp.

And what we do here is we help people that are in big, big trouble.

You may have talked to your accountant, you may have talked to your attorney.

You may be completely outta money, you may have a little money left.

You’re in the kind of trouble you don’t know how to get out of Call me right now so that we can talk about that. Because your attorney can’t help you.

Your neighbor can’t help you, your buddy can’t help you.

The issue here is life choices.

You’ve gotta make some choices here that are win-win for you and your creditors and everybody in your life.

Call me, anytime. 760 662-9668

Patrick Rettig – Business Turnaround Expert

Patrick Rettig, Founder / CEO

Patrick Rettig, Founder / CEO

"Simply call me… I will discuss the ‘Hounds’ snapping at your heels, the ghosts that haunt your every thought. Together, with clear directives, we will dig out of that big black hole of financial hopelessness. We will share a quiet, confidential conversation, possibly the most important exchange of your life."

Ask me anything, second opinions are free!

How to Turn Around a Business in 2024: Trends and Strategies

How to Turn Around a Business in 2024: Trends and Strategies

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Patrick Rettig, Business Reorganization Expert

Patrick Rettig, Business Reorganization Expert

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Top 7 Mistakes Business Owners Make In a Financial Crisis

Top 7 Mistakes Business Owners Make In a Financial Crisis

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"Tell me what's going on. The conversation begins with you. Could you take a moment to send a message? I am here to help." - Patrick

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