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Do you need to turnaround a failing business?

How many people just want to get out of trouble? Well, I see a good amount. My feeling is pretty clear after years of service. If you’re lucky enough to have your own business it would be a good idea to take care of it. Business is hard to come by — yes, but once you find answers, do you really want to implement the solution? Many people would say yes – but when the “rubber meets the road” they say fall very short.

Business turnaround is a second chance.

The bottom line is the tough stuff takes a lot of faith. And if you don’t have faith you have way more fear than is healthy. You’re not about to be able to overcome such a thing by oneself. It’s exhausting to watch people get started, and then shoot themselves in the foot because they just don’t want to pull up the gumption to stay the course and be the hero. Really, if you want to succeed call me, if you want a baby-sitter to hold your hand while you spend WHAT’S LEFT OF THE MONEY, there’s a lot of firms that will be glad to take the last of your hope and blow it. Turnaround is not for the faint of heart. You want to be a Hero, do the work, be grateful for the challenge and say a prayer to the Almighty with a three word attachment. “I’LL CALL PATRICK!”

About The Rettig Corporation
Our mission is to provide stewardship guidance to CEOs so that they can take their businesses from insolvency to profitability. We will do whatever it takes to overcome insolvency, save your business and build your profitability, all while maintaining the letter of the law.

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