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Reestablishing Business Stability and Profitability

Terrible Sayings turned Myth – “I’m only human”

Ultimately, the goal of a reorganizer is to bring the company back to a stable and profitable state. This may involve short-term sacrifices for long-term gain. As a business turnaround specialist, I’ve heard a lot of excuses. “I’m only human” is a saying that in and of itself provides permission to make mistakes or to be lazy. “I’m only human” seems to replace the phrase, “I’m done and I did a great job as it needed to be done”. “I’m only human”, makes it okay to do only half a job, quit early, and add expense due to my inept choices. It’s by far my least favorite phrase.

My dog, Norton, tries harder to please me than any employee I have ever known. However, no matter how hard Norton tries, he cannot make a smartphone, a flat-screen television, send a person deep into space (and bring him back) or any number of magnificent creations that human beings have achieved. Norton is not even able to copy a creation that has already been used in the marketplace. Norton cannot speak multiple languages. Nor can he understand the concept of Heaven, at least not that I know of, because he can’t talk to me.

Dreams can be achieved…

If we use our brains to work in such a way that challenges our integrity and intelligence, there is historical evidence that proves dreams can be achieved, not only for one person but also for an entire planet. One person can affect the future irrevocably for good or not so good. No matter what the intent of my dog, Norton, it is highly doubtful that he could change the future of the world. I thank Heaven that I am allowed to help human beings change their world for the better, every day. The next time you hear the phrase, “I’m only human”, hope and pray that the voice you hear is not yours.


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