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Business Reorganization

Business in trouble? We all know what the numbers are. They’re bad. Give me a call. Let’s try working together on something that makes sense. Truly if you’re watching this, you’re in trouble up to your eyeballs and you don’t know who to talk to.

You’re out of money, your integrity is in question, you’re very vulnerable, your family is upset, your creditors are upset. I know this thing.

Is Your Business in trouble?

Are you in trouble?

My name is Patrick Rettig and I am the CEO of the Rettig Corp. What we do here is we help people that are in big, big trouble. You may have talked to your accountant. You may have talked to your attorney. You may be completely out of money. You may have a little money left. You’re in the kind of trouble you don’t know how to get out of. Call me right now so that we could talk about that. Cause your attorney can’t help you. Your neighbor can’t help you. Your buddy can’t help you. What gets you here is life choices. You gotta make some choices here that are win-win for you and your creditors and everybody in your life.

Now Is The Time To Take Your Business To Profitability

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