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Company Bankruptcy Services

The right turnaround advisor can be an invaluable asset.

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is a powerful tool for an entrepreneur.

It is an amazing path that can lead to unparalleled success. It must be done absolutely right in order to achieve such a result. Company bankruptcy is not an option it is a necessity and should only be used in correct situations and must be managed by a true professional. Phenomenal bankruptcy attorneys are few and far between and if an incorrect lawyer has been chosen, it can lead to catastrophic results, the complete loss of a company.

With a correct team in place, i.e., an expert CFO and Controller, CPA, and Bankruptcy Attorney all working together, the outcome is actually better than ever before in a company’s history. The lessons learned in such a process are invaluable when given by extraordinary teachers.

Pick wisely and carefully when choosing a team to navigate through a Bankruptcy Reorganization / Turnaround. Simply click on this link and talk to me. Let’s decide on the correct course and proceed carefully, cautiously, and correctly.

Peace of mind is a gift that is earned by a very discerning set of decisions, decisions that will set a course for the rest of one’s life. Be aware and ready to work inside of the law, and the protection of such an awesome process.

America's Top Turnaround Man

Patrick Rettig helps CEOs take their businesses from insolvency to profitability.

Navigating a financial crisis can feel overwhelming. If your business is facing potential bankruptcy, know that you have alternatives. The Rettig Corporation, specializes in helping companies like yours find a path back to profitability and stability without the drastic step of declaring bankruptcy.

What We Offer:

  • Expert Guidance: Tap into decades of expertise in business turnaround and financial restructuring.
  • Customized Solutions: Every business is unique. We tailor our strategies to fit your specific needs and challenges.
  • Proven Strategies: From improving cash flow management to renegotiating debts, our methods have helped numerous businesses avoid bankruptcy.

How We Help:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: We start with a thorough analysis of your financial situation and operational challenges.
  2. Strategic Planning: We develop a strategic plan that focuses on immediate recovery needs and long-term growth.
  3. Hands-On Implementation: We don’t just plan; we help you implement these strategies every step of the way. 

We develop a strategic plan focusing on immediate recovery needs and long-term growth.


Business Restructuring Services

Bankruptcy Reorganization / Court-appointed Services

  • Chapter 11 Reorganization
  • Pre-Bankruptcy Planning
  • Financial Advisor to Debtor
  • Financial Advisor to Lenders
  • Business Sale via 363 Process
  • Creditor Advisory
  • Court-Appointed Roles
  • Receivership
  • Assignee for Creditors' Benefit
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Bankruptcy Liquidation

Industries That We Service

  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Banking and Finance
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Leisure & Service
  • Publishing and Media
  • Real Estate and Construction

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