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A discussion by Patrick Rettig, CEO of Rettig Corp.

Business Turnaround Specialist, Solvency Expert

My name is Patrick Rettig and I am the President of the RettigCorp. I help businesses in trouble. Today, I’m in my garage talking about reorganization while a nationwide lockdown is in place.

Business reorganization is serious enough without such additional challenges. So what do you do? Focus on your health, business, and your family. Stay on course. There are many things happening right now that we have no control over. Reorganize right now, with what you have, and be quick and smart about it. Find authentic people. Those individuals who know how to take control of your situation correctly and without additional consequences. Stay away from the easy way out, promises, and schemes! Realign your thinking, be grateful for your country, and the opportunities still available to you.

Reorganization: a collection of authentic professionals, if you can find them.

Focus on what you can do, stop talking about what should be, or could be, used to be, supposed to be, rather deal in the now — with what IS. Think of my talk as a free consultation with a neighbor in the business of “what’s best for you.” Give a listen on staying the course and keeping your mind in the game. Behave, get the office in order, chores done, set navigation to move steady and strong. Take your vitamins, work out, and be grateful for what you have. All for glory, democracy, mom-dad, apple-pie, in God We Trust and all the kids in America, do a “solid” for all the good things.

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