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Business Turnaround Services

Is your business in trouble? Are you looking for a business loan?
Our financial turnaround services immediately resolve cash flow challenges and enhance productivity with proven business strategies.

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The Rettig Corporation has been assisting struggling companies in overcoming insolvency for over thirty years by offering comprehensive financial and management reorganization and crisis management services. Our efforts restore stability and achieve success in business turnarounds. Reorganization expert Patrick Rettig and the turnaround team are dedicated to developing insolvency solutions, continually striving to save American workplaces.

Overcome Insolvency

The RETTIG CORP helps struggling companies overcome insolvency through financial and management reorganization. We take an aggressive approach to “critical profit” to return a business to stable profitability.

Company Reorganization

We work with you to:

  • Improve cash flow, stabilize operations
  • Establish stakeholder communication
  • Explore strategic options for your successful business turnaround.

People First Approach

We know it’s hard to change old habits, but bad times are inevitable without change. You must rally against short-term patterns that always cause trouble. Read some of our client testimonials.


Client Testimonial: FREEDOM PLUMBERS

“I, like many self-anointed “CEO’s” or “Company President’s” made the boneheaded mistake of taking a small and profitable company down the path of rapid growth by investing in innovative technologies, fleet expansion, recruitment & onboarding, real estate leasing to house offices and a yard, massive marketing budgets, etc. This little stunt was costly… alone in the living room sitting in front of the fireplace.

After I prayed and sat there for a few minutes in complete silence enjoying the lack of chaos in the moment. I opened up my laptop, got on the web, and did my now, all-to-familiar Google search. “Company Bankruptcy” and The RETTIG CORP showed up on top search results. …If your business is in trouble and you believe that you tried absolutely everything to make a come back, you are going to want to reach out. …” » Read more of the testimonial.

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Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

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Gain insightful business turnaround strategies in these video clips featuring reorganization expert Patrick Rettig, as he addresses questions from host Kathy Ireland with clarity and expertise.

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The Art of Business Turnaround: Insights from Patrick Rettig - VIEWPOINT with Dennis Quaid
Watch Patrick Rettig “America’s Top Turnaround Man” on VIEWPOINT with Dennis Quaid
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We Help You Save YOUR BUSINESS And Restore Profitability.

The Rettig Corporation is dedicated to guiding companies through the turbulence of insolvency, skillfully navigating reorganization processes, and fortifying foundations to reinstate stability and profitability. We employ a dynamic, assertive strategy to halt financial downturns, meticulously realigning business priorities to safeguard your company’s future. The Rettig Corporation practices in business turnaround or reorganization and bankruptcy litigation, in the Los Angeles area and around the United States. We only recommend bankruptcy when it is the best solution.

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Business Reorganization FAQ:

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The Early Signs That Your Business Needs A Turnaround?

1) You’re out of your mind and everybody you know has a solution for you, but they’ve never done it before. You have already taken a high-interest loan, or are considering it.
2) Your credit cards are maxed, and suppliers have cut off your credit line. You’ve tried to re-finance your house and there’s not enough equity. Have you already re-financed and taken as much money?
3) IRS, Sales Tax, or Employment tax are all behind with no hope in sight.
4) A feeling that you can overcome all this if you can just find an investor…

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Top 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make In a Financial Crisis?

1) Select incorrect professionals to help.
2) Borrow money one more time, high interest, hard money.
3) Ask all employees to take a pay cut rather than lay off unnecessary payroll expenses.
4) Incorrect assessments to the bank, tell them you’ll be able to pay in 30 days or some other impossible time-line.
5) Increase sales and production to a point that crashes what’s left of cash flow and the bank will not increase the line of credit…

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Cash Flow Management: The Heartbeat of a Successful Turnaround?

Cash Flow is the order of business, minute one. Through a powerful tool Rettig Corporation has designed, “The Critical Profit” report, a CEO can now keep his finger on the pulse of the company, both on a cash basis and accrual, learning the strengths of both. The learning is a huge leap in the knowledge and wisdom of day-to-day operations.

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Why every distressed company needs a Turnaround Specialist?

1) The same reason you need a pilot to land the airplane. It looks easy enough, try it with 300 people on board.
2) The correct Turnaround Specialist must be aware and an expert in the 7 disciplines, Marketing, Sales, Law, Quality Control, Tax accounting, knowledge, and direction. Hard to find, impossible to do without.

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Rebuilding trust with Stakeholders during Turnaround?

1) Establishing payment schedules that are strictly adhered to and affordable during the procedures.
2) Continuing to work and purchase supplies from the community, cash on the barrel.
3) Creditors are able to see new sets of financials that are in order and yield way less of a negative into a positive.
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Rebranding and Repositioning: Reinventing Your Business Post-Crisis?

Rettig Corporation rebrands the CEO and positions the head or the corporation as a master player who has overcome impossible odds — and now is the premier operator in this current economic playing field.

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