So often my work gives CEO’s a second chance at the gift of independence and the livelihood that can only be considered a dream come true. Running a company is a gift. So often, given a second chance, a CEO will go right back to the same behavior and trash their financial freedom one more time. I ask myself, why do they do this? They make me both angry and sad. So much good work and so much reorganization—it’s all for nothing. Is it entitlement? Is it selfishness? Is it just plain stubborn? I don’t know, but it makes me sick to watch.

I hear the same old routine, it has to be done this way—this is the way our industry is run and you don’t understand. I always reply the same way, “You can do anything you want in this life, but it does not entitle you to free money.”

Question: What is the opposite of professional?
Answer: Inadequate, irresponsible and immature.
Solution: Create, communicate and converse. Conform to the needs of the company and the customer.

Base your decisions on historical evidence. What has worked in the past? Generally, you will find what worked in the past is customer service. Say “NO” to stupid. Stupid behavior is spending money when you don’t have it. Or worse, stupid behavior is giving yourself permission to cut corners on quality and delivery.

Say “YES” to careful planning. Grow with actual cash versus credit. Honor the responsibility of cash flow!

Use your second chance wisely! If you are lucky enough to enjoy a second chance, your success depends on your ability to learn from your mistakes. If you decide to go back to your old ways, arrogance then becomes your master. Most assuredly, you will again fail. Rather, re-enlist your commitment. Produce, deliver and collect. It is truly your greatest partner.


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