REVOLT! Revolution means evolution. It’s time to evolve. Life is inconvenient so get used to it!

Whoever promised an entrepreneur or CEO a life of convenience, excess and luxury at all costs was lying. It doesn’t work that way. Life is inconvenient and to those of you who are pushing life at every opportunity: You know just how inconvenient it can be. If you’re one of those of you who think you’ve got life all figured out but it has begun to cave in on you, this post’s for you.

Revolt Against Convenience

Decide now that what you have is enough. Quit writing the checks that you can’t cash. The power from owning the reality of where you stand now will assist you in revolting against the unmet promises resulting from undisciplined activities we bury ourselves in.

Revolt Against Your Worst Behaviors

Dive into the inconvenient and you will evolve into your most magnificent self.

If you feel compelled to invest in something, invest in getting the best accounting team behind you possible:

  • Know what you need to get through today.
  • Know how much you made today.
  • Know what it costs to run your business today.

i agreeBecome “inconveniently” informed. Don’t solve problems by borrowing. Become the entrepreneur you started as and solve the problem. Don’t bury it away because it’ll come back as a monster.

DO NOT be tempted back into the behavior that permits laziness and brings out the “it’ll do, Lou” in you. Instead, engage the best in you to remain on task no matter how inconvenient it becomes. Don’t let small bouts of great results draw you back into a lazy and entitled mode. This is precisely what keeps me in business. EVOLVE!

Inconvenient tips:

  1. Don’t buy a house in the high rent or high-property value district.
  2. Be happy with the car you have and quit thinking about a Maserati.
  3. Make your controller tell you how much money you have made year-to-date and how much money you have deposited year-to-date.
  4. Only deal with cash in, cash out – not accrual.
  5. Look at these numbers every week no matter what.
  6. Stop thinking about having an affair.
  7. Quit drinking every day.
  8. Decide that lying is not an option.
  9. Decide that honor is more fun than acting like a jackass.
  10. Set your temper to the side unless someone is pointing a gun at you.
  11. Quit borrowing money from the company.
  12. Quit borrowing money from the charge cards.
  13. Quit asking your wife/husband/partner to understand your crap.
  14. Go to the gym and actually break a sweat.
  15. Call your customers and tell them that they are the coolest people on Earth and how pleased you are that they are still in your life.
  16. Send your customers a small gift that makes them laugh.
  17. Quit being an arrogant jerk.
  18. Go to church or temple and pretend that you’re interested.
  19. Stay inside the box of a fixed income per month.
  20. Say thank you to heaven every day for what you don’t have and be grateful for what you do have.
  21. Keep your mouth shut unless you have a solution.

If you do all these things listed above, in a very short time, you will be driving a new car and living in a high-rent district. When that time comes, I will advise you to go back to that list and start over again.

Bottom line: Revolt against your nature. Give selflessly to your business and honor what heaven has given you. Avoid being selfish.

Love from your friendly neighborhood turnaround man, contact me for help fixing you and your business.

Patrick Rettig
The Rettig Corporation