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Is Your Business Having Difficulty Adapting to Changing Market Trends?

If you’ve noticed a decline in your business performance, I can assure you that you’re not alone and maybe you are in need of company reorganization. Many businesses encounter phases where their current structures no longer meet market requirements. However, there is encouraging news—implementing restructuring and reorganization measures can inject vitality into your company returning it to critical profit.

Why Opt for Rettig Corporation for Company Reorganization?

We have over thirty years of experience revitalizing businesses that encounter challenges. Our proficient team excels at evaluating obstacles and executing strategic measures that rejuvenate operations. We do more than provide advice; we actively engage to ensure that changes are impactful and enduring.

Comprehensive Business Restructuring Solutions

From refining procedures to revamping financial strategies, our services cater to all aspects of your business;

Operational Streamlining:
Enhance processes to boost efficiency and cut down on expenses.

Financial Reorganization:
Restructure tactics to enhance cash flow and lessen debt burdens.

Strategic Alignment:
Adjust your business strategy according to market conditions to capitalize on new prospects.

Each approach is customized to suit your requirements, guaranteeing optimal results for your business.

Inspiring Success Stories Speak Volumes About Us.

Our track record speaks for itself. Numerous business owners have turned their companies around with our help, here a some examples:

1) A company 10 million in debt, we reduced to 2 million, creditors put in order, Chapter 11 Successful. Realizing true company profitability where more is not better, less is profitable.

2) A company in foreclosure, being purchased by a competitor — interrupted the Chapter 11 proceedings, recalculated production, and proved to the court that foreclosure would not benefit the creditors, instead allowing the company to continue at a much tighter economic structure—successful Chapter 11.

3) A Family-owned business. 3 million in debt. Filed chapter 11, recovered by instituting a solid infrastructure, accounting, and accountability when bidding jobs, i.e., killing the concept of “low bidder” resulting in a successful chapter 11 turnaround.

4) NO CHAPTER 11 NECESSARY. Unfortunately, a successful divorce led to the division of assets, allowing a single spouse to absorb all the debt, while the other agreed to keep the retirement and give up the company and any debt. Two years later, the company went from zero income to 3 million a year at 60 percent profitability. Needless to say, although divorced, both parties were successful. To me, it looks like the company was the gold mine, not the retirement.

Ready to Reorganize, Restructure and Revitalize Your Business?

Don’t wait for things to get worse. Take charge. Steer your business toward success. Reach out to Rettig Corporation today for a consultation. Let’s explore how our company restructuring services can revolutionize your company.

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