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“Corporate financial evolution cannot be achieved without revolution. Peace of mind comes from clear directives, an absolute plan, consistency in your chain of command and a decision to never return to bad habits, old ways, and “hocus-pocus” money schemes. Revolution – A CEO must commit. Nobody knows how to manage financial trouble gracefully. The task at hand is to mitigate losses and restore the company.” – Patrick Rettig

It’s hard to change old habits. However, without change, bad times are inevitable. One must revolt against those short-term programs that consistently cause trouble. Borrowing money against bad debt, refinancing the house for payroll, investing in a money pyramid, and gambling in Vegas is just a few bad ideas available to all of us. Evolution requires the right tools, dedication, and skill, and can be appreciated only when judiciously practiced every day.

Overcome Insolvency, Be Solvant

The initial overview of your company will take two weeks.

The initial evaluation is completed at no charge for clients.

If you can handle the truth, and a hard look at yourself, you qualify for the most intense restructuring program available. Rettig is a tough and tireless taskmaster, strong in direction, strategy and you. He’s not interested in unrelated opinions; he wants to solve the problem. This program builds qualified leaders and there is no room for half measures. If you want to be the hero and bring your company back to life, then you need to do the work.

We count on the fact that you want the smartest, toughest and most reliable team of experts behind every move you make. Anxiety will turn into action, and you’ll move forward with an aggressive plan to bring your company back to profitability.

Your commitment to yourself is the beginning.

The Rettig Corporation works directly on consultancy fees and does not partner with any institutions recommended or used in its practices. The Rettig Corporation is not a bank or lending institution.

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