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Business Reorganization

Patrick Rettig, CEO is the Corporate Revivalist
Reviving Companies, Renewing Visions.

Business Reorganization

Patrick Rettig, CEO – The Corporate Revivalist
Reviving Companies, Renewing Visions.

Business Turnaround Specialist, Patrick Rettig The Rettig Corp, CEO

Specialized Business Services For Company Recovery

For Business Turnaround Specialists, like “The Rettig Corp,” several skills play a crucial role in helping struggling companies recover from financial distress and operational challenges.

We offer a combination of financial, operational, and strategic expertise. They work closely with the company’s management team and stakeholders to implement the necessary changes and guide the company through the challenging process of recovery and transformation.

Our services go beyond mere technical support to embrace a holistic approach, prioritizing you as an individual and your business as a unique entity. We’re here to guide you through the challenges, reframe obstacles into opportunities, and lead you towards a future where fear and uncertainty are replaced with confidence and progress.

With us, it’s not just about the services we offer; it’s about embarking on a journey of renewal and success, together.

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Rettig Corporation transcends traditional business services, offering a transformative partnership that prioritizes your unique needs.
Susie Ameche, CEO, MakeBe-Leaves, Inc.

"You know, I think if you were to ask every single CEO that has ever worked with Patrick Rettig, they will tell you the same thing. When Pat enters into your life, it is at that precise moment that you are heading into catastrophic (business) failure, whether you know it or not. So for me, I actually didn't know that it was gonna be happening in a matter of months. Uh, but I was at a point in my business where I just was, just felt at a standstill. I just felt like I couldn't push it forward to get it more successful and all. And I was at the end of a 30-year marriage, I was exhausted and feeling hopeless. And so out of that desperation, I, out of 25 years of being an atheist, started to pray and within one month, Pat showed up in a very unusual way, so that was the beginning. You know, in our lifetime, it's rare to find a true, authentically. And Patrick is one, he has no agenda other than working on business turnaround, keeping your company and yourself, your family healthy period. And he is not a nine-to-five, he's a 24 7. I mean, for the 13 years that I've worked with him, he's always been there when I needed him. And he is fun. He's very, you know, he is serious. He's, you know, he pushes you. I mean, it's not that it's easy, but it's, it's also, it's also really fun the whole process. It's like, it's like the most amazing business school that you can be in. And you get to like, use it all immediately, and then you can clearly see as you're working, you know, when you're doing the things right, you see the yield. When you fall off, you see, you know, that, that yield. So, uh, it's pretty incredible."

Susie Ameche, CEO / Founder https://Makebe-Leaves.com

Day-to-day operations are challenging in the best of circumstances. When things go bad, now you’ve got ten times the challenge and are in need of immediate solutions.

Would it be great to find a Chief Financial Officer who could give the right answer to every single problem you’re facing? Would it be amazing to find an affordable team of individuals who would catch the fall, seize the moment, and return the company to “better than ever before,” status? Is that possible? Yes, I do it every day, quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

“Our top priority? That’s you! Our first step is to restore order to your life, ensuring the safety and security of your business ‘family’, and setting your business back on a path to progress, free from fear, anxiety, or creditor threats. With just one phone call, the chaos ends.

Below, you’ll find a list of actions we’ll tackle together. Remember, the real magic isn’t just in these tasks – it’s in your decision to join forces with us. When you choose to bring Rettig Corporation alongside you on the front lines, you’re choosing to fight the good fight, one more time, for everything that matters.

P.S.: You might think you’ve tried some of these strategies before without success. But reconsider – this time, it’s different. Don’t fall into the trap of past assumptions. Take action with Rettig Corporation, and experience the change.”

Business Advisory Firm / Turnaround Services:

Assessment and Analysis:
Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the company’s financial health, operational efficiency, and market position. Identify key issues and stop the financial bleeding. Again, is it possible? Yes. Is it that simple? It’s not simple, but it’s a heck of a lot better than what you are doing right now.

Developing a Turnaround Plan:
Steps and strategies necessary to restore profitability. Strategic changes that you haven’t thought about…, ever.

Financial Restructuring:
Renegotiating debt, securing new financing, selling non-core assets, legally protecting the company to return stronger, better.

Operational Improvements:
Teaching the CEO some of the finer points of Produce, Deliver, and Collect. (PDC) Identify areas of waste, streamline and implement best practices to efficient job costing and productivity. Navigate payment schedules, retention, and billing.

Vendor Relations:
Restore relationships with vendors and suppliers, negotiate better terms, and alternative suppliers, and teach the CEO, when and how to navigate such shark-infested/legal waters.

Employee Engagement:
Maintain morale, communication strategies, employee training, and incentives to keep the workforce effective and consistent.

Customer Retention:
Retaining existing customers and rebuilding trust, improving customer service, product quality, or pricing.

Legal and Compliance Issues:
Addressing legal issues, especially in cases of insolvency or bankruptcy, Chapter 11, sub-chapter 5, or Chapter 13. A critical analysis of what needs to be done, when, and how.

Monitoring and Adjusting:
Constant monitoring and review of financials and operational performance to ensure the plan stays on track, all the time, not some of the time.

Stakeholder Communication:
Maintaining open and transparent communication with creditors, shareholders, and when appropriate — employees.

Reestablishing Stability and Profitability:
Restart the business back into the marketplace starting day one.

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Business on the brink?
Again, I say, this is possible and quick. Call me and get the process started. You and I will put you and this business back on track and online with a plan you can count on.

Business instability can significantly hinder a company’s growth. Act now to stay ahead!

Our strengths lie in seven crucial business disciplines: Sales, Marketing, Law, Accounting, Taxes, QA, and Direction.

With exceptional expertise in each, me and my team are ready to assist when you’re ready to take control of your business.

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