Why do companies fail?

The reason is unfortunately due to the human condition known as “not accepting responsibility.” There is a ton of information coming to every CEO/Company Owner, every day — and armed with that information, people choose to ignore the situation. Why in the face of catastrophic debt, tax liability and diminished sales do we hear, “hang on, it’ll turnaround,” “you just need to weather the storm,” “time for a drink..,” “if it’s meant to be, it’ll change..,” “it’s not my fault, it’s — you know — them!”

These statements and many more are a reflection of disrespect. What do I mean by that? Well, disrespecting and amazing opportunity to own your own business by walking away from the tough decisions. Cash flow is not for sissies. It’s a tough gig trying to make ends meet. The first thing we think of is robbing “Peter to pay Paul.” Well, that makes Peter mad and Paul suspicious and untrusting. It is much more vital to cut costs where it is necessary. To stop getting behind in payroll tax and short term high interest bail out loans.

It’s time to take a real look at life and a way that works. Isn’t that a much better plan to actually live in a house you can afford rather than worry that you’re going to lose it any day of the week. As self-centered people we want the best things in life and rather than be willing to pay for them, we are willing to go into debt for any and all reasons to accomplish the goal of loving what we have just acquired and then worrying about losing it.

Entitlement is the worst task master. What is it that allows for such thinking? How is it that a company can survive by leaving a payroll high in the slow times? How is it mathematically possible to catch up with debt in the bad times, when there were no savings made in the good times.

Common sense is not so common, and stupid is really expensive.
Stop the madness and call on me, I’ll help figure it out with you.

image credit: wikipedia