If you run a corporation and you’re at the top, your name is responsible for everything and you’re in trouble, only you know what that feels like. Few people actually get into corporate trouble and get out. It’s a tough job. It’s insane. Your wife doesn’t understand, your husband doesn’t understand, your children don’t understand, your employees don’t understand. Your resources are absolutely nonexistent. You’ve run through all the charge cards, you’ve refied your house, you’ve run through your credit card lines of credits. Things are tough. Here at the Rettig Corp, what I gotta do is get you out of trouble. I can give you a second chance. I can show you the way through insolvency back to a better place. What you do with it depends on how much you learn from me. I can help you. My name is Patrick. I run the Rettig Corp and, well, it’s up to call.