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America’s Top Turnaround Man

Patrick Rettig’s passion is saving small corporations from bankruptcy and has been for over three decades. Patrick has saved companies and thousands of jobs and provided added income to entire communities, making him America’s Top Turnaround Man.

Reorganization Expert, Patrick Rettig – “We’re saving America, one CEO at a time…”

Rettig Corp’s Business Turnaround Man and Top Team.

At any given time, business turnaround expert Patrick Rettig and his turnaround team at The Rettig Corp are working on insolvency solutions, showing the CEOs of these small and medium-sized businesses how to successfully manage all aspects of their companies while under extreme financial pressure. 


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A Business Turnaround Team, like “The Rettig Corp,” plays a crucial role in helping struggling companies recover from financial distress and operational challenges.

About Patrick Rettig

With over three decades of unwavering dedication, Patrick Rettig has emerged as a beacon of hope for small corporations teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. His remarkable track record encompasses the salvation of more than 800 companies, directly contributing to the preservation of thousands of jobs and the economic stability of numerous communities.

This extraordinary impact solidifies his reputation as America’s premier turnaround expert.
Engaging with multiple corporations simultaneously, Patrick imparts invaluable wisdom to CEOs of small and medium-sized enterprises, empowering them to navigate their companies through the stormy seas of financial distress. He specializes in the kind of clients others shy away from—the ones who have seen doors closed by banks, creditors, and suppliers. Patrick recognizes the spark in these CEOs, who have once transformed their visions into flourishing enterprises, and he reignites their path to success.


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Pre-bankruptcy Planning Takes Time
Whether considering a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 11, your decision needs to be based on experienced bankruptcy counsel.
Patrick Rettig, CEO, Top Turnaround Man and Dad

Patrick’s intervention transcends the conventional services of a financial advisor. CEOs under his guidance gain a navigator through their tumultuous journey, an unwavering ally, and a life coach accessible around the clock. He doesn’t just pull companies back from the edge; he restores equilibrium in the personal lives of the entrepreneurs, helping them rediscover the balance between work and life.

His journey began in the wake of college graduation, as a single parent in a company facing collapse. Driven by the necessity to secure his future, Patrick spearheaded the company’s revival, a pivotal experience that ignited his lifelong vocation.

Patrick Rettig is the CEO of The Rettig Corporation

Rettig Corp is a firm that specializes in helping businesses avoid bankruptcy and successfully turn around their financial situations. His approach is focused on working directly with CEOs and top management teams to address financial distress and operational challenges.

Key Aspects of Patrick Rettig and His Work:

1. Business Turnaround Expertise:
- Rettig has extensive experience in business turnaround, a process where he helps struggling companies to recover financially.

- His methods often involve reorganizing a company’s finances, operations, and strategies to make them more efficient and profitable.

2. Focus on the "Triangle" - Mind, Body, and Spirit:
- Patrick Rettig emphasizes a holistic approach to business turnaround, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit.

- He believes that for a business to recover and thrive, the leadership must also be balanced and healthy in these three areas.

3. Direct Involvement:
- Unlike consultants who may only provide advice, Rettig gets deeply involved in the companies he works with.

- He works closely with CEOs and executives to understand their challenges and implement practical solutions.

4. Success Stories:
- Over the years, Rettig has helped numerous businesses across various industries to avoid bankruptcy and return to profitability.

- His success stories often include businesses that were on the brink of collapse but managed to recover under his guidance.

5. Media and Appearances:
- Patrick Rettig is also known for his appearances in media where he discusses his methods and success in turning around businesses.

- He has been featured in various interviews and articles that highlight his expertise in saving distressed companies.

6. Educational Approach:
- Rettig is passionate about teaching business leaders how to recognize and address issues before they lead to financial disaster.

- He offers insights into how to manage financial distress proactively and avoid common pitfalls that lead to bankruptcy.

Philosophy and Approach:

- Transparency and Integrity: Rettig values honesty and openness in his approach, ensuring that business leaders understand the reality of their situations and the steps needed to improve.

- Customized Solutions: Understanding that each business is unique, he provides tailored advice and strategies rather than one-size-fits-all solutions.

- Long-Term Focus: While immediate fixes are necessary, Patrick Rettig also focuses on sustainable, long-term strategies that ensure the company stays profitable and healthy in the future.

Patrick Rettig and The Rettig Corporation offer a lifeline to companies facing severe financial difficulties by providing the expertise and support needed to turn their situations around effectively. His approach is not just about financial restructuring but also about transforming the leadership and the broader organizational culture to support a successful turnaround.

FOX news image of Patrick Rettig America's Top Turnaround Man

Appearing on FOX BUSINESS NEWS, Patrick Rettig, CEO of The Rettig Corp., America’s Top Turnaround Man, has reorganized and saved hundreds of corporations over the past two and a half decades.

Candid and Practical Methodology

What sets Patrick apart is his forthright, candid, and practical methodology. He possesses an innate acumen sharpened by experience, an uncanny ability to pinpoint issues, and the prowess to deploy effective resolutions, ensuring streamlined operations and fiscal prudence.

Offering an initial two-week consultation at no charge, Patrick provides a risk-free opportunity for potential clients to gauge the synergy with his methods. Those who engage in his services often form a long-term partnership, with some extending over a decade, a testament to the enduring value he brings.

Patrick’s intuitive mastery in revitalizing businesses is akin to a ‘6th sense.’ He thrives as an autonomous Chief Financial Officer, with a niche in crisis management and corporate restructuring. Envision him as the master strategist for enterprises across the spectrum, steering them back to prosperity.

Company Reorganization Expert

His expertise is frequently sought in the media with business advice interviews, audio casts, podcasts, and appearances on platforms like FOX Business’ Varney & Company, BLOOMBERG TV and WORLDWIDE BUSINESS with kathy ireland enhancing his visibility and influence.  Watch the videos.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Patrick now resides in California on the outskirts of Los Angeles, amidst the serene high desert. Family life burgeons with his wife and three daughters. Despite his demanding profession, he finds solace in diverse passions: from piloting and motocross to martial arts. A pivot from his classical piano training, Patrick’s heart beats for rock and roll. Amidst the chaos, he carves out precious moments for his ultimate passion—composing and immortalizing music, a testament to his multifaceted life.


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Patrick Rettig: Business Turnaround Specialist

His style may be unorthodox, but it’s effective, working one-on-one with CEOs to return their companies to solvency.

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