America's Top Turnaround Man

Patrick Rettig’s passion is saving small corporations from bankruptcy and has been for the more than 25 years. Patrick has saved thousands of jobs and provided added income to entire communities, making him America’s top turnaround man.

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Business Turnaround Team

Patrick Rettig, CEOAt any given time, business turnaround expert Patrick Rettig and his team at The Rettig Corporation are working on insolvency solutions, showing the CEOs of these small and medium-sized businesses how to successfully manage all aspects of their companies while under extreme financial pressure. Contact us day or night.

  • Business brought back from the brink 97% 97%
  • Dreams turned into thriving businesses 80% 80%
  • Restructure companies 86% 86%
  • Regular guest on television and radio 55% 55%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%

“We’re saving America, one CEO at a time.”

For more than 25 years, Patrick Rettig’s passion has been saving small corporations from bankruptcy. He has saved over 800 companies, thousands of jobs and provided added income to entire communities, making him America’s top turnaround man.

At any given time Patrick and his team are working with 25 to 30 corporations. He shows the CEOs of small and medium sized businesses how to manage all aspects of their companies while under extreme financial pressure.

patrick-rettig-corporation-6Patrick takes on the clients that no one else will. When all the banks, creditors and suppliers have shut their doors, company owners turn to Patrick Rettig. He knows that these CEOs once turned their dreams into thriving businesses. His job is to show them how to get back on track.

When Patrick helps to restructure companies, CEOs get more than the usual advice from a financial consultant. They get a navigator, a true ally, and a life coach who is on-call 24/7. Not only does Patrick help to bring these businesses back from the brink, he helps them to find balance in their personal lives as well.

Patrick’s passion for saving small businesses started when he was a young college graduate and found himself a single parent. The company he was working for was about to go under. The only way to keep his job was to help save the company.

Patrick’s approach is direct, honest and pragmatic. His super-sharp instincts, combined with his talent for identifying problems and implementing solutions, guarantee maximum productivity with efficient financial management.

Patrick offers a free two-week consultation period. This gives both parties time to decide whether his approach is the right fit. Once on board, some stay with Patrick for a few years, while others have worked with Patrick more than a decade.

Patrick has a ‘6th sense’ for how to turn troubled businesses around. He operates as an independent CFO, specializing in emergency situations and reorganization. Think of him as the strategic planner for businesses of all sizes, helping CEOs and staff to get the business back on track. Patrick is a media personality and regular guest on television and radio shows, including Fox Business’ Varney & Company.

Patrick is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and now lives in the high desert outside of Los Angeles. He is married with three daughters. He enjoys piloting, motocross, and martial arts. He is a classically trained pianist turned rock and roller, who in spite of his rigorous work schedule, is always able to make time for his first love — writing and recording music.

Contact The Rettig Corp. directly day or night (760) 662-9668

Your Business Turnaround Expert

His style may be unorthodox, but it’s effective, working one-on-one with CEO’s to return their companies to solvency.



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