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Business Ethics

Money, property and prestige – those are bad taskmasters. Having a light heart is giving back to people – going the extra mile – helping people when they need help – giving a good deal when a good deal is possible – being a good neighbor so to speak.

CEOs, if you are having problems, now is the time to call your friendly Turnaround Man. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Don’t let your family and friends get in the way. Don’t let anything get in the way of your success or your peace of mind. Let me teach you a lesson about the ‘black heart’.

Peace Of Mind

When you think about ‘black heart’, you think about a gunslinger, a pirate…a bad dude. A black heart is selfish, self-centered, and nasty. In business this attitude does not pay well. People quickly learn to dislike you because your deals are always win-lose. You get in situations where you take money from people when they are most vulnerable. You do something for them but charge a lot of money and indirectly or directly hurt them. This is a win-lose situation…obviously not good for referrals and not good for repeat business. There is a cap on your peace of mind as well. This will affect every aspect of your personal life and your standing in the community.

Now let’s talk about a light heart business ethic. A light heart gives freely and doesn’t mind giving on a daily basis to children, spouse, neighbors, or church. It is socially giving back to the community. A light heart is someone who delights in other people’s success. That is what we are going for.

The basic difference between a black heart and a light heart is a black heart gives to others but expects something in return. Those unfair expectations are not healthy nor do they pay well. Don’t be like that. I believe that a black heart can be changed, but it’s a hard task.


Take my advice today. If you have a black heart and you know it, try your best to ask heaven to soften you a bit. But remember even a light heart can get into trouble. Sometimes a light heart needs to be trained. Things don’t always work out correctly or feelings get hurt. Whatever the case it is a challenge and a learning experience, but people will feel it when ‘your aim is true’.

That my friend is what I call a win-win!

Give me a call…760-662-9668. Until then, may heaven be on your side.