Origin of Failure; 10 reasons they win…

The problem with responsibility and reliability is accolades. All that respect one receives for the position of authority causes great expectation. When an inevitable failure occurs the immediate reaction is to blame anything or anybody, lest you be blamed and ruin your position as “Awesome Leader.” When in fact the best leaders throughout history were recognized for the vulnerability and an unending supply of “chutz·pah”. Plain and simple, leaders lead because they understand the charm of “boo-boos.”

When able to access a mistake and then recover that’s real leadership. And by the way the recover doesn’t have to be graceful, as a matter of fact, sometimes it’s much more effective when it’s messy and chaotic, as long as the end result is better than expected. People in charge take risk, it’s part of the position and part of the responsibility. However, risk is taken on historical evidence of things learned. Unfortunately, when in trouble many times the incumbent in charge becomes desperate and makes decision based in emotion alone, rather than heart, soul and experience.

Risk is not necessarily debt – rather it is a tactical decision. Yes, there is debt involved but not entirely. A desperate individual in trouble need only to find correct assistance. Someone who has been there and fought the good fight and survived is a resource that is relevant. Unfortunately, how many of us listen to theories and generalities from coffee talk and whisky talk — not good, advice is worthless without actual experience to a better end.

Company Restructuring

First things first, when overwhelmed, identify the problem at the source — at the very “origin of failure”, accept the course that has been taken and navigate correctly from that point. Do you know anyone who can help you when funds are limited and options are practically non existent? Probably not. Well, you do now. I am a seasoned soldier in the art of corporate survival. I’ve been there, done it and am here to get you out of the fire. Let’s get started, let’s get busy and let’s get the hell out of trouble.

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