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Build Your Business Radio Barbara Weltman with Patrick Rettig

Rekindle what made you want to start a company to begin with.

Turnaround Expert Patrick Rettig speaks with Barbara Weltman on what it takes to rebuild your business both in resources and attitude. Learn how faith plays a role in the strength of rebuilding and how learning to focus on today will better direct your efforts.

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Is Your Business In Trouble?

Business Turnaround Specialist, Patrick Rettig The Rettig Corp, CEO

Business Turnaround Specialist, Patrick Rettig The Rettig Corp, CEO

The Patrick Rettig Corp has uniquely combined expertise in Bankruptcy Law, Business Operations, Marketing, Labor Management, Corporate Tax, and Financial Reporting for over three decades.

Our business turnaround services specialize in orchestrating company reorganizations and enterprise revitalizations, focusing on enhancing cash flow and critical profit, securing operational stability, and re-engaging key stakeholders to fortify their allegiance.

Our approach is “people-first” and meticulously explores every strategic avenue for you and your business, culminating in a robust, tailor-made turnaround blueprint. Just give us a call or send a message.

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Rethinking Bankruptcy particularly Chapter 11, is not the end—it's a strategic tool designed to rejuvenate and empower your business. Call me.

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