Rettig Business Talk Video

Cup about the importance of learning!

Cup People …people that stop learning… Hunter: Let’s talk about the importance of learning. You have a term for people that stop learning. Cup people. …

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Rettig Business Talk Video

Win Win

Win Win Hunter: So, Patrick, let’s talk about making deals with people. You talked about, we’re aiming for a win win situation. So, what does …

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Rettig Business Talk Video

The Triangle: Mind, body, and spirit

The Triangle: Mind, body, and spirit Hunter: Okay Patrick, what’s this triangle that you talk about? Patrick: I got sixty seconds to do this? H: …

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chapter 11 reorg

The Stigma of Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11 Reorganization Chapter eleven reorganization has a lot of stigma and people are afraid of it and I understand why. Bankruptcy is a bad …

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the rettig corporation logo

Getting Your Life Back

My name is Patrick. I am president of the Rettig Corporation. And I specialize in reorganization. What I really specialize in is catastrophic failure or …

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small business mistakes

Making Informed Decisions

It’s impossible to tell you if you’re in trouble. It’s impossible to tell you if you’re in trouble, that there is hope. You’ve tried everything, …

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