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Patrick Rettig, CEO, RETTIG CORP

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Patrick’s daily schedule is a testament to his dynamic and fast-paced lifestyle, often necessitating his presence at up to fifteen different locations. To facilitate this, Patrick ensures seamless productivity with two identical airplanes at his disposal, allowing him to remain unfazed even when mechanical issues arise with one; he simply transitions to the second plane without missing a beat—a luxurious solution to a unique challenge.

On the ground, Patrick’s company vehicle is far from ordinary—it’s a Ducati superbike, a choice that speaks to his need for speed, efficiency, and perhaps a touch of thrill in his daily commute.

Step into Patrick’s office, and you’re immediately enveloped in a space that is unapologetically him. It’s an eclectic sanctuary where the electrifying essence of rock’n’roll coexists with the meticulous detail of model trains. Every item, from guitars to amplifiers, isn’t just decor but a piece of Patrick himself. These aren’t distractions; they are conduits for his authenticity.

Patrick lives by the philosophy that embracing his passions makes him more adept in all areas of life. His approach is unconventional—he doesn’t compartmentalize but instead merges his personal interests and his professional life. This seamless integration is indicative of an entrepreneurial spirit, one that likely carries over into a charismatic and distinctive leadership style.

Patrick’s story is one of zest, not just for his work but for his way of life—a blend of discipline and passion, ensuring that every role he takes on is infused with the full force of his authentic self.

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