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Win Win

Hunter: So, Patrick, let’s talk about making deals with people. You talked about, we’re aiming for a win win situation. So, what does a win win situation look like?

Patrick: Let’s get out of the mindset that I make more than you. I as the term goes manipulate the situation so I sort of come out on top. That’s not a good deal for everybody and it’s not good for long term relationships. Win win means that there are compromises made so that everybody makes a little bit of money. You know, a little bit of money for a long time is way better than a lot of money Long-term time. Long-term relationships where everybody sort of prevails, everybody gets a good deal, maybe not the best deal they want, maybe not I really made a killing on this, but maybe something where everybody wins. C’mon man let’s give everybody their dignity including yourself. Do a deal that’s a little more equal where everybody wins. Cool?

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