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Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations

Hosted by: Maureen Metcalf on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Show Topic: Featuring Patrick Rettig, CEO | “There is hope in the most catastrophically failed environment as long as your heart is in it.”

Air date: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 11 AM PST
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Today our show will feature Patrick Rettig. He is touted as America’s top turnaround man in his market. For over 25 years Patrick has successfully saved companies from bankruptcy. He is passionate about helping American entrepreneurs – the companies of $2-20 million which are the backbone of America. Patrick appears regularly on TV and radio shows including Fox Business’ Varney & Company.

His instincts are hyper-keen. His approach is direct, honest, and pragmatic. He has a talent for identifying operational problems, structuring, implementing solutions, and restructuring staff. As such, he ensures maximum productivity and efficient financial management. His experience includes companies of all ages: start-ups, turnarounds, and restructured environments.

Patrick knows that most people have a hard time with change, but successful turnarounds require change. Survival through insolvency can be extraordinarily difficult. It’s important to talk to someone who has experience. By waiting too long things will only get worse.

Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organization:  Helping Companies Thrive: The Power of Patrick Rettig
The world is changing dramatically and will continue to change over the next generation. Effective leadership has a significant impact on how these changes play out in our world. Leadership matters and it is a core responsibility of current and future leaders to become better educated about the challenges they face and also about how to become more effective at leading in a time of significant disruption.

The show features interviews of thought leaders and academics combined with executives in a range of industries to identify their biggest issues and discuss the innovative approaches they are using to turn turbulence into a business advantage. We present concepts and tools that have been proven to improve organizational success and discussions about how you can apply them to drive success in your organization.



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