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Mind, Body, Spirit Triangle: Physical

two hands along a Mind, Body, Spirit Triangle: PhysicalWe have mentioned the triangle’s three sides and have discussed the “mind” as our first study. Consistency is the key. If you do these things regularly during your week they will take effect.

These things require my brain to pay attention, learn, process and it quickens the time of imagination, new ideas and reaction. Implementing brainpower is a dynamite blast to your day and if you’re lucky, you’ll become addicted. Now let’s figure out just how to make that happen. The next side of the triangle is physical. The triangle is not a new concept. It’s been around for a very long time. It has always been representative of balance, insight and enlightenment.

Consistency is the key. If you don’t do these things regularly during your week they don’t have the same effect. Having said that let’s get to the “physical” side of the triangle. I personally ride a bicycle, study and practice boxing, ride a motocross dirt racer twice a week and eat a balanced diet. Be clear, I didn’t learn how to do all that overnight. I commit to learning a little every week and pursue these things slowly and carefully. The idea is to sweat and bring up your heart rate. Oxygen is the key to your brain function at a superior level. It stands to reason that with more oxygen the mind will work better just as a racing motor works better with high-octane fuel rather than regular gas.

The blood flows faster bringing much needed air to all of your body including your brain. Look, we know there is no way to remove your brain from your head and take it to the gym on its own. So the only way to work your mind into a finer physical asset is by increasing your heart rate. Do it consistently all the time. Walk, ride your bike or run. The idea of exercising a few minutes everyday only works if you actually do it every day.

The problem with work out schedules is that people stop their day to go to the gym and eventually quit going because it’s too much of an interruption. Well then, do other things and the gym. Walk on the days that you’re not in the gym. Integrate social dynamics by walking with someone. Discuss new ideas while increasing your heart rate and feeding your mind. Don’t wait for a trip to the gym to meet this goal, get it done—regardless.

I believe that the language of heaven is creativity. When you are being creative it seems that one is in touch with things that could be considered divine. What ever you believe, one thing is for sure, being in good shape will allow your mind to become more creative and innovative. Everyone has good reasons and great excuses why they don’t have time to increase their heart rate. Why do we resist such things when clearly this concept is a key factor of success?

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THE TRIANGLE: Mind, Body & Spirit in Becoming Your Best, Part 1: MIND