Micromanagement Is Being A Leader To Employees


Micromanagement: An honorable term. Micromanagement is being a leader to employees, inspiring them by showing them exactly how the job is done. As CEO’s, we have a vision for what our company should be and we determine its direction on the road of life. If you had a specific place that you wanted to get […]

Turnaround a failing business…

Do you need to turnaround a failing business? How many people just want to get out of trouble? Well, I see a good amount. My feeling is pretty clear after years of service. If you’re lucky enough to have your own business it would be a good idea to take care of it. Business is […]

There is hope in the most catastrophically failed environment

VoiceAmerica Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations Hosted by: Maureen Metcalf on VoiceAmerica Business Channel Show Topic: Featuring Patrick Rettig, CEO | “There is hope in the most catastrophically failed environment as long as your heart is in it.” Air date: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 11AM PST Listen to the episode Today our show will […]

Ten reasons companies succeed. Tips from a turnaround man.

turnaround tip work harder

Listed below will be ten reasons companies succeed in business turnaround. They may seem rather simple at first, but believe it — they’re not so simple to do. Everybody has “arm chair quarterback-itis.” The economy is at fault, the world at large, interest rates, the attitudes of the time, mother in law, wife, kids, husbands, […]

The CEO Whisperer on Saving the American Entrepreneur

The CEO Whisperer on Saving the American Entrepreneur – Accelerate Your Business Growth, host: Diane Helbig Expert turnaround specialist, Patrick Rettig is interviewed by talk show host, Diane Helbig on Blog Talk Radio’s show: Accelerate Your Business Growth. Rettig speaks on how commitment levels and rebuilding purpose in your life are key to a successful […]