Corporate life, small business is like being in a rock n’ roll band.

Corporate life, small business… Some of the most exciting times of my life are the memories of playing in a rock n’ roll band. I made no money, spent money, turned my amps way up, experienced intimacy with a lead microphone and sang songs that meant something to me and a bunch of drunks. At […]

Truth About Small Business & Positive Cash Flow

small business

Nobody is writing the truth about Small Business. Not really. All great altruistic souls are talking about the subject like they know. But they don’t know. And they really can’t do anything about it for the same reason. Kind of reminds me of people telling me how to raise my children and they’ve never been […]

The Olympians’ Guide to Running a Small Business

Patrick Rettig Corporation

Mind, body, spirit. It’s nothing new, but it’s easily overlooked. The 2014 Winter Olympics are over but I still relive those breathtaking winning moments. All those young athletes had trained most of their lives in order to perform their best and win the gold. Business is just like the Olympics. To succeed you have to […]

Is it Wise to Work with Family?

Patrick Rettig Corporation

I’ve said this many times before. No one knows what it’s like to run a business unless he’s done it himself. For people who have lost their business, it’s something they have to live with for the rest of their lives. I have never heard anyone say “I lost my business and I’m so happy […]

Rettig’s State of the Union … a Road to Peace.

Being interviewed in the media lately, I’ve received a number of different questions asking how decisions on Capitol Hill will affect small business in America (I chuckle to myself at the very notion). Let me clarify: I am in turnaround to save small businesses. To picture any of my clients glued to the television wondering […]