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SECOND CHANCES ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. So often my work gives CEO’s a second chance at the gift of independence and the livelihood that can only be considered a dream come true. Running a company is a gift. So often, given a second chance, a CEO will go right back to the […]

Numbers Matter – Relationships Matter More

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Business Turnaround Series “Numbers Matter – Relationships Matter More” Radio show host Lesley Southwick-Trask interviews CPA The Rettig team. Julie is their ‘solvency specialist’ and all round operational driver when it comes to taking a CEO and his/her organization from crisis to performance. We learn that picking up the pieces of a broken business includes […]

When Is More Too Much And When Is Enough Enough

Marcia Zindle - the business edge

The Business Edge – National Internet Radio Show “When Is More Too Much And When Is Enough Enough” Air date: February 5, 2016 Hosted by: Marcia Zidle Listen to the episode   Are you motivated by helping others, by making money, by fear or greed? Are you motivated by someone else’s direction or example? Learn […]

The Rettig blog: Second Chances in Business & Life

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“Given a second chance, what would you do with yours?” As a re-organizer, I create second chances for my clients to build a premise where the company can flourish and thrive. Based on my experience and history, when people get a second chance, they all manage it differently. Here are two very different scenarios. Occasionally […]