The List Every CEO Must Follow

There is a difference between winners and losers, and therein lies the quintessential choice for all of us, particularly CEOs. Do you want to be a winner or a loser? Your choice. I keep referring to ‘the list’ with all my CEOs all the time. ‘The list’ is a daily set of tasks that need […]

Origin of Failure; 10 reasons they win…

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Origin of Failure; 10 reasons they win… The problem with responsibility and reliability is accolades. All that respect one receives for the position of authority causes great expectation. When an inevitable failure occurs the immediate reaction is to blame anything or anybody, lest you be blamed and ruin your position as “Awesome Leader.” When in […]


CONVERGENCE AND ILLUSIVE EXPENSE Hello and welcome to your friendly neighborhood Turnaround Man. I am Patrick Rettig. Today, we will be talking about convergence and illusive expense. Let’s start with illusive expense. Illusive expense is something you can’t measure. So let’s remember that. It is something you can’t measure. Convergence is where your belief system, […]