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SECOND CHANCES ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. So often my work gives CEO’s a second chance at the gift of independence and the livelihood that can only be considered a dream come true. Running a company is a gift. So often, given a second chance, a CEO will go right back to the […]

The Stigma of Chapter Eleven

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Chapter 11 Reorganization Chapter eleven reorganization has a lot of stigma and people are afraid of it and I understand why. Bankruptcy is a bad word in the business world. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we have that tool and the truth is it’s the most powerful tool in the free world for an entrepreneur. If you […]

Numbers Matter – Relationships Matter More

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Business Turnaround Series “Numbers Matter – Relationships Matter More” Radio show host Lesley Southwick-Trask interviews CPA The Rettig team. Julie is their ‘solvency specialist’ and all round operational driver when it comes to taking a CEO and his/her organization from crisis to performance. We learn that picking up the pieces of a broken business includes […]

Business turnaround expert saves companies, changes lives, and helps America.

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News Business & Finance Small Business Business turnaround expert saves companies, changes lives, and helps America Patrick Rettig CEO and Dad (Photos by Jimmy Steinfeldt) by Lori Wilk, Small Business Examiner In the High Desert of Southern California, riding a motorcycle to the nearest U.S. Bankruptcy Court, is one of America’s best business turnaround experts, […]

The Rettig blog: Second Chances in Business & Life

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“Given a second chance, what would you do with yours?” As a re-organizer, I create second chances for my clients to build a premise where the company can flourish and thrive. Based on my experience and history, when people get a second chance, they all manage it differently. Here are two very different scenarios. Occasionally […]