Dismissing the myth that bankruptcy means “ruining your life”

Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy Chapter 11… I know this thing. I’ve been doing it for a long time. A loan isn’t gonna help you. It’s about behavior. How you decide to live your life from here on in. I don’t care what happened to you before. I don’t care what bad choices you’ve made. All I care […]

Rettig Sessions #2 Businesses in Crisis

Rettig Business Talk Video

hosted by Hunter Mariano Business and Tech Talks Video Hunter: Alright, Patrick, thanks for this time. Uh, Patrick Rettig of The Rettig Corporation. He’s here, he’s um, we’re gonna do a little discussion and talk about business. He helps businesses in need of financial turnaround and businesses in crisis and uh he’s also a dictionary, […]

Navigating Business Reorganization – Patrick Rettig

Business Reorganization video clip w Patrick Rettig

Business Reorganization We all know what the numbers are. They’re bad. Give me a call. Let’s try working together on something that makes sense. Truly if you’re watching this, you’re in trouble up to your eyeballs and you don’t know who to talk to. You’re out of money, your integrity is in question, you’re very […]

“Origin of Failure” Your Last Bad Business Decision

Origin of Failure We have a client who is very close to me and his story is tragic. We’ll call him John. In the course of Chapter 11 Reorganization, financial buoyancy returned to John’s company. He enjoyed a simple life of work and bill paying. All was good in the world for a period of […]