Business Crisis Management: Survival Mode

Rettig Corp helps business in crisis

As a crisis aviator, this post comes at a time when there is a pandemic and we understand that many businesses out there are in survival mode. We’re here to help guide your company. Our clients who have already tuned in to and are following through with correct business practices prior to the shut-down are […]

Dismissing the myth that bankruptcy means “ruining your life”

Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy Chapter 11… I know this thing. I’ve been doing it for a long time. A loan isn’t gonna help you. It’s about behavior. How you decide to live your life from here on in. I don’t care what happened to you before. I don’t care what bad choices you’ve made. All I care […]


small business failure

SECOND CHANCES ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. So often my work gives CEO’s a second chance at the gift of independence and the livelihood that can only be considered a dream come true. Running a company is a gift. So often, given a second chance, a CEO will go right back to the […]