Turnaround a failing business…

Do you need to turnaround a failing business? How many people just want to get out of trouble? Well, I see a good amount. My feeling is pretty clear after years of service. If you’re lucky enough to have your own business it would be a good idea to take care of it. Business is […]


CONVERGENCE AND ILLUSIVE EXPENSE Hello and welcome to your friendly neighborhood Turnaround Man. I am Patrick Rettig. Today, we will be talking about convergence and illusive expense. Let’s start with illusive expense. Illusive expense is something you can’t measure. So let’s remember that. It is something you can’t measure. Convergence is where your belief system, […]

Reorganization and the Demon’s Voice

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Reorganization is not for the weak of heart. It is a tragedy when business turnaround fails and the reorganization is lost. Described in this blog is the mind of CEO when a second chance is on the horizon and the company is coming back from financial destruction, absolute failure and a hopeless situation. Destruction gives […]

What Drives America’s Turnaround Man

Lately, the airplane has moving about more per day than usual. I try to keep it on the ground for a couple of days at a time to maintain some sanity and then I’m back out flying again. In the meantime I’m in the helmet and on the back of the Aprilia, an Italian three-time […]

What is our Origin of Failure?

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The origin of failure is the final decision that sends a corporation down a path to irrevocable, catastrophic failure. What is a good example? Opening up the line of credit in such a way that ten’s of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars, are committed at a time when the corporation is running at […]

Business turnaround expert saves companies, changes lives, and helps America.

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News Business & Finance Small Business Business turnaround expert saves companies, changes lives, and helps America Patrick Rettig CEO and Dad (Photos by Jimmy Steinfeldt) by Lori Wilk, Small Business Examiner In the High Desert of Southern California, riding a motorcycle to the nearest U.S. Bankruptcy Court, is one of America’s best business turnaround experts, […]