Business Crisis Management: Survival Mode

Rettig Corp helps business in crisis

As a crisis aviator, this post comes at a time when there is a pandemic and we understand that many businesses out there are in survival mode. We’re here to help guide your company. Our clients who have already tuned in to and are following through with correct business practices prior to the shut-down are […]

Sessions #3 Traps and Blessings

Business and Tech Talks Video

hosted by Hunter Mariano Business and Tech Talks Video Hunter: So, traps and blessings look exactly the same and you talk about this a lot. I was even just in conversations with you talking to some of your clients about this. How can you differentiate a trap and a blessing? Why do they look the […]

Sessions #1 Business Turnaround Talk Video

Rettig Business Talk Video

hosted by Hunter Mariano Business and Tech Talks Video Hunter: All right. Thank you, Patrick, for this time. Patrick Rettig of the Rettig Corporation, serving businesses around the world in need of turnaround. I think I heard you served over 800 businesses. Patrick Rettig: We took a stab at that number man, I don’t know. […]

Navigating Business Reorganization – Patrick Rettig

Business Reorganization video clip w Patrick Rettig

Business Reorganization We all know what the numbers are. They’re bad. Give me a call. Let’s try working together on something that makes sense. Truly if you’re watching this, you’re in trouble up to your eyeballs and you don’t know who to talk to. You’re out of money, your integrity is in question, you’re very […]

Win Win

Rettig Business Talk Video

Win Win Hunter: So, Patrick, let’s talk about making deals with people. You talked about, we’re aiming for a win win situation. So, what does a win win situation look like? Patrick: Let’s get out of the mindset that I make more than you. I as the term goes manipulate the situation so I sort […]

The Triangle: Mind, body, and spirit

Rettig Business Talk Video

The Triangle: Mind, body, and spirit Hunter: Okay Patrick, what’s this triangle that you talk about? Patrick: I got sixty seconds to do this? H: Sixty seconds. P: Triangle. Three Sides. Mind, body, and spirit. Mind, body, and spirit. Let’s just hold that in our- look at it as a frame. Frame. And it could […]

Corporate life, small business is like being in a rock n’ roll band.

Corporate life, small business… Some of the most exciting times of my life are the memories of playing in a rock n’ roll band. I made no money, spent money, turned my amps way up, experienced intimacy with a lead microphone and sang songs that meant something to me and a bunch of drunks. At […]

Truth and Success vs Truth and Failure

turnaround tip work harder

I have noticed in my travels that people will do what it takes to get out of trouble. Here’s the catch. Whatever spirit got them into trouble in the first place does not go away. On the occasions when clients have survived bankruptcy and come back to fight another day, there is that little voice […]

Ignorance in Business Turnaround

cash flow behavior

People, in trouble, simply want to get out of trouble. People, who are in trouble, simply want to get out of trouble. The business of business turnaround has been a very interesting and wild ride over the years, especially in this age of the internet. I personally continue to grow my understanding and empathy, and […]

“Business turnaround” the business of going out of business…

Going out of business?

Going out of business? Let’s change that. The Rettig Corporation is a business turnaround management firm dedicated to helping the (SMB) Small and medium-sized enterprises stay in business and getting its owner back on track. No special wishes or magical erasers are available at the time of complete financial failure. Only direct and compassionate stewardship […]