You are the heart of your business and you are worth saving…

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A discussion by Patrick Rettig, CEO of Rettig Corp. Business Turnaround Specialist, Solvency Expert My name is Patrick Rettig and I am the President of the RettigCorp. I help businesses in trouble. Today, I’m in my garage talking about reorganization while a nationwide lockdown is in place. Business reorganization is serious enough without such additional […]

Origin of Failure; 10 reasons they win…

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Origin of Failure; 10 reasons they win… The problem with responsibility and reliability is accolades. All that respect one receives for the position of authority causes great expectation. When an inevitable failure occurs the immediate reaction is to blame anything or anybody, lest you be blamed and ruin your position as “Awesome Leader.” When in […]

The Olympians’ Guide to Running a Small Business

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Mind, body, spirit. It’s nothing new, but it’s easily overlooked. The 2014 Winter Olympics are over but I still relive those breathtaking winning moments. All those young athletes had trained most of their lives in order to perform their best and win the gold. Business is just like the Olympics. To succeed you have to […]