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A discussion by Patrick Rettig, CEO of Rettig Corp. Business Turnaround Specialist, Solvency Expert My name is Patrick Rettig and I am the President of the RettigCorp. I help businesses in trouble. Today, I’m in my garage talking about reorganization while a nationwide lockdown is in place. Business reorganization is serious enough without such additional […]

Business Crisis Management: Survival Mode

Rettig Corp helps business in crisis

As a crisis aviator, this post comes at a time when there is a pandemic and we understand that many businesses out there are in survival mode. We’re here to help guide your company. Our clients who have already tuned in to and are following through with correct business practices prior to the shut-down are […]

Business In Trouble? Combat Your Fear with Action.

Business in trouble …? Cash flow problems! You’re panicked. You are getting calls from your vendors for payment and you don’t have answers for them. You can’t get the current work done because vendors have begun to halt their work. The bank has begun to assess charges and make threats. Payroll is coming up. It […]

Terrible Sayings turned Myth – “Money is the root of all evil”

money is the root of all evil

Terrible Sayings turned Myth – “Money is the root of all evil” If Money is the root of all evil: what exactly should we do? Should we not make money? Should we give up money? Should we trade in apples and oranges or some other form of barter? What exactly is the root of all […]

Dismissing the myth that bankruptcy means “ruining your life”

Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy Chapter 11… I know this thing. I’ve been doing it for a long time. A loan isn’t gonna help you. It’s about behavior. How you decide to live your life from here on in. I don’t care what happened to you before. I don’t care what bad choices you’ve made. All I care […]

Sessions #3 Traps and Blessings

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hosted by Hunter Mariano Business and Tech Talks Video Hunter: So, traps and blessings look exactly the same and you talk about this a lot. I was even just in conversations with you talking to some of your clients about this. How can you differentiate a trap and a blessing? Why do they look the […]

Navigating Business Reorganization – Patrick Rettig

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Business Reorganization We all know what the numbers are. They’re bad. Give me a call. Let’s try working together on something that makes sense. Truly if you’re watching this, you’re in trouble up to your eyeballs and you don’t know who to talk to. You’re out of money, your integrity is in question, you’re very […]

Faith — use it honorably

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I’ve been doing this job for quite awhile now, and I’ve learned a few things about faith. 1) It’s real 2) It works for both sides good and bad 3) It only yields when you work for the good side So, bottom line — people get in trouble because all of us bend the rules. […]

The Turnaround Man

Patrick Rettig is the Turnaround Man saving America’s businesses one CEO at a time…