Business Crisis Management: Survival Mode

Rettig Corp helps business in crisis

As a crisis aviator, this post comes at a time when there is a pandemic and we understand that many businesses out there are in survival mode. We’re here to help guide your company. Our clients who have already tuned in to and are following through with correct business practices prior to the shut-down are […]

“Origin of Failure” Your Last Bad Business Decision

Origin of Failure We have a client who is very close to me and his story is tragic. We’ll call him John. In the course of Chapter 11 Reorganization, financial buoyancy returned to John’s company. He enjoyed a simple life of work and bill paying. All was good in the world for a period of […]

Borrow Smart: The Top 3 Tips to Help You Avoid Bankruptcy

borrow smart

Borrow Smart Credit used badly is your enemy. Many people get in over their heads because they don’t know any better. Credit can get you into a whole lot of trouble because no one teaches us how to use it properly. That’s where I come in. I often work with people who use credit because […]

When Is More Too Much And When Is Enough Enough

Marcia Zindle - the business edge

The Business Edge – National Internet Radio Show “When Is More Too Much And When Is Enough Enough” Air date: February 5, 2016 Hosted by: Marcia Zidle Listen to the episode   Are you motivated by helping others, by making money, by fear or greed? Are you motivated by someone else’s direction or example? Learn […]

Business turnaround expert saves companies, changes lives, and helps America.

patrick rettig CEO and Dad

News Business & Finance Small Business Business turnaround expert saves companies, changes lives, and helps America Patrick Rettig CEO and Dad (Photos by Jimmy Steinfeldt) by Lori Wilk, Small Business Examiner In the High Desert of Southern California, riding a motorcycle to the nearest U.S. Bankruptcy Court, is one of America’s best business turnaround experts, […]