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A discussion by Patrick Rettig, CEO of Rettig Corp. Business Turnaround Specialist, Solvency Expert My name is Patrick Rettig and I am the President of the RettigCorp. I help businesses in trouble. Today, I’m in my garage talking about reorganization while a nationwide lockdown is in place. Business reorganization is serious enough without such additional […]

Business Crisis Management: Survival Mode

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As a crisis aviator, this post comes at a time when there is a pandemic and we understand that many businesses out there are in survival mode. We’re here to help guide your company. Our clients who have already tuned in to and are following through with correct business practices prior to the shut-down are […]

Sessions #1 Business Turnaround Talk Video

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hosted by Hunter Mariano Business and Tech Talks Video Hunter: All right. Thank you, Patrick, for this time. Patrick Rettig of the Rettig Corporation, serving businesses around the world in need of turnaround. I think I heard you served over 800 businesses. Patrick Rettig: We took a stab at that number man, I don’t know. […]

Caught in a cash-flow crunch and forced into bankruptcy chapter eleven.

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Bankruptcy Chapter Eleven is a second chance… At times as America’s Turnaround Man I feel more like a corrections officer. My day is spent talking with small business hooligans who’ve found their “own way” of doing things and then caught in a cash-flow crunch are forced into bankruptcy. The reorganization itself is designed to allow […]


What goes into a successful turnaround? Who would have thought that maintenance was the true test of character? Hear Rettig interviewed on Radio Entrepreneurs by Gary Fertig (produced by Steven Shaer) where Rettig describes the steps of a turnaround and the danger in human nature to go back to old behavior. As Rettig puts it, […]

Business turnaround expert saves companies, changes lives, and helps America.

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News Business & Finance Small Business Business turnaround expert saves companies, changes lives, and helps America Patrick Rettig CEO and Dad (Photos by Jimmy Steinfeldt) by Lori Wilk, Small Business Examiner In the High Desert of Southern California, riding a motorcycle to the nearest U.S. Bankruptcy Court, is one of America’s best business turnaround experts, […]