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Freedom Plumbers & Pumpers , CEO, Ricky Salinas: The Rettig Corp., Business Turnaround Client Testimonial

“I, like many self anointed “CEO’s” or “Company President’s” made the boneheaded mistake of taking a small and profitable company down the path of rapid growth by investing in innovative technologies, fleet expansion, recruitment & onboarding, real estate leasing to house offices and a yard, massive marketing budgets, etc. This little stunt would take this 7 year old company from just under $1million in yearly revenue, to around $3.9million in a span of 2 years. Awesome business growth right? Wrong.

By December of 2019, I was a technician who thought himself to be a “CEO”, who owed massive amounts of money to the IRS, the Virginia Department of Taxation, insurance companies, GPS companies, cell phone companies, marketing companies, parts supply houses, subcontractors, my mother, her neighbor and their dog. Ok, the last three aren’t true, but it helps drive in a point.

I was in massive debt up to my eyeballs and I owed a lot of money to a lot of scary people some of which had the full weight of the government backing them up. Add to that, I was also being sued by a local county government over the use of my innovative technologies in their jurisdiction with out their explicit permission even though the technology used in their jurisdiction worked. They initiated 5 separate suits and brought them all on at the same time, all at a time. I was also being sued by a formed business partner over what he called “A breach of Contract”. And another suit from a client who said our work destroyed their home. It later turned out to be a scam, but I didn’t know that at the time. All of these suits came at me when I had no money, I was about to initiate layoffs across the entire company and faced the possibility of losing everything. The business, my home, everything. As a happily married man and a father to 5 wonderful children, the thought of loosing it all and still be indebted for life was horrifying. I was in a very dark place in my head. I couldn’t sleep anymore, and the few times that I did, I regretted waking up and going back to my reality. I was lost. I tried everything. I mean EVERYTHING to save this company. I even went back in the field to do service work, with out pay, for 3 months. I worked harder than anybody else in my company and I still couldn’t do it. I could not save this company.

“In a desperate bid to find a solution, Ricky explored bankruptcy options but faced rejection from many consultants and experts, who deemed his situation too unique or challenging. “

So one day, I decided to bite the bullet and start researching bankruptcy options, their benefits and downfalls. I came across many companies online that had tag lines like “Are you in trouble? We got you!”, “No problem too big, or too small, we can help with them all !! “ and “Troubles with the IRS? Give us a Call !!”. And so I did. I called all the Guru’s who had experience with troubled companies. Big and small. All types of troubles. These guys had “been there and done-that”. So they should be able to pull me through this right?……Weeeeell, not so fast skippy. As soon as they got a basic rundown of my situation, all of them said, and I mean ALL of them said, “Sorry, No-Can-Do”. Turns out I was in a perfect storm. I was too small to deal with and not big enough to take advantage of their “proven strategies”. I was at a loss. Nowhere to go. Absolutely nowhere to go. So I prayed. It was 11 p.m. on a cold December night. I prayed.

I was alone in the living room sitting in front of the fireplace. After I prayed and sat there for a few minutes in complete silence enjoying the lack of chaos in the moment. I opened up my laptop, got on the web, and did my now, all-to-familiar Google search. “Company Bankruptcy”. The Rettig Corp showed up on top search results. I had never seen this company on any of my searches before, but all of a sudden here they were. I got into their website and it looked promising.

Just like the other guys. But hey, what was I to lose? I was already facing losing everything, so what-the-hell?

I filled out the contact form on their website and clicked “submit”. Now mind you, this whole thing was happening at around 11pm. By 11:05pm my phone rang. I said to myself, “No-Way”. I even hesitated to answer, but I did. And then I heard his voice. “Hi, this is Patrick Rettig with the Rettig Corp. You seem to be in a little bit of trouble with your company. How about you tell me whats going on?”. I could not believe it. In fact, I didn’t. I worried I was about to walk into a scam. And then I heard another voice. A soft-spoken, maternal voice. But this voice was calculating and analytical. Her name was Julie. She too was on this call without me knowing it. Again, this was at 11pm !!!……What is this??. I soon came to find out, Julie was part of Patrick’s team. She asked questions and gave her take on my problems as well. She understood my situation.

Ricky Salinas Freedom Plumbers testimonial

Ricky Salinas Freedom Plumbers testimonial

Patrick listened to my problems. He never cast judgment on me. He also assured me that to get out of this trouble, I would have to work Super-Hard.

Harder than I had ever worked in my life and then he said it. “There is a way out of this and you will succeed”. I cried. I broke down and I cried. This extremely long and dark tunnel finally had a hint of light in the darkness. That was all that I needed. Patrick and Julie asked for my company financials, I had em to them by the next day, we scheduled a call for the next day and got to work, only that this time, we weren’t working on just my company. Patrick got to work on me. He identified the biggest problem of my company. Me. So he took on the colossal inconvenience and impossible project of working on me. In three years’ time, with his and his entire team’s help, I went from a technician that thought himself to be a “CEO”, to being a CEO with all the skills required to understand and do every single position of this company. I went from the company running me to ME running the company.

Patrick and his Rettig Corp team were an answer to prayer. Heavenly Father had my back the whole time, but only he knows his timing and so, when the time was right and my heart was in the right place, he brought me to Patrick Rettig and his amazing team at The Rettig Corp.

And that’s my story. I hope the same can be used to help anybody else who feels like I once felt. There is a way Out. There is a path out of the darkest and most horrifying places in business, which like it or not, can also cast that darkness on your personal life. This might be your time. Reach out to Patrick.”

– Ricky

Freedom Plumbers Corporation
Ricky Salinas, CEO
DBA: Freedom Plumbers & Pumpers. Septic & Drain