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Tune in to Patrick’s Interview on Savvy Central Radio.

Date: June 6th 2014 at 5pm PST – 8 pm ET
Skype: SavvyCentralRadio

Here’s the link to his show page to listen live or afterward to the replay/download go to: Savvy Central Radio (offline go here for Patrick Rettig Videos)

Save your Business from Bankruptcy with Patrick Rettig

Christina Nitschmann of Savvy Central Radio runs weekly broadcasts devoted to business owners and entrepreneurs. We provide small businesses a platform and vehicle to express their dreams, hopes, lessons learned and expertise with the world.

America’s Top Turnaround Man

For over 25 years Patrick Rettig has successfully saved companies from bankruptcy. He is passionate about helping the American entrepreneur – the companies $20 million and under, which are the backbone of this country. Rettig appears regularly on TV and radio shows including Fox Business’ Varney & Company.

Rettig says it’s all about the CEO. He enters the company and goes directly to the CEO. He knows that if the CEO can get back on track, then the rest of the company will get back on track as well.