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Business Turnaround Expert

Patrick Rettig and his RETTIG CORP business solvency team save American companies and jobs!

Out there. Everybody’s afraid.

They’re afraid to cross the line.

My job is to cross the line.

My name is Pat Rettig. I’ve saved over 800 businesses in the past 20 years.

He’s Known by CEOs as the top turnaround man in the country. Patrick is in a league of his own. I have never known anyone more devout about saving people’s lives,

And I don’t just fix businesses. I fix business owners. When I met Patrick,

I was a wreck. I get them back to what made them successful in the first place.

Do you believe in you? Each client is unique, so each fix is very different.

You should fly the plane and the airport’s over there in three seconds. I can give people hope for their life. Brother, if there is a bankruptcy in here, I will take you through it.

These people find me when they’ve got nowhere left to go.

They may have lost their way, but these are good people. Courageous, brilliant people. Let their demons overcome them.

I believe most of the time it’s the four horsemen. Alcohol, drugs, cheating and gambling.
That gambling goes beyond money. They gamble their lives, their families, their health.
There’s equity in the house.

Hey, why isn’t the bank just gonna say, go ahead, file bankruptcy. Try to listen to me.
I don’t think so.

These are the vice that infect business owners like a virus and wreak havoc on
their lives.

I’m here to fix that because their next fix could cost them everything, but my fix will save them.