Business Turnaround Series

“Numbers Matter – Relationships Matter More”

Radio show host Lesley Southwick-Trask interviews CPA Julie Rothgeb – the financial wizard of The Rettig team. Julie is their ‘solvency specialist’ and all round operational driver when it comes to taking a CEO and his/her organization from crisis to performance. We learn that picking up the pieces of a broken business includes not only financials but also bringing love and healing into the equation.

This is part two of a three part interview series with The Rettig Corporation.
1 – Patrick as CEO – his life as turnaround man
» 2 – Julie Rothgeb as a member of his Turnaround Team
3 – Susie Ameche as a successful Turnaround CEO
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Women Who Lead

Host: Lesley Southwick-Trask
Women Who Lead is a game changer. It’s about women embracing the next wave of leadership – one that replaces hierarchy and positional power with new ways of being. It’s about how women are “showing up” in the world as leaders. This is a show for women in all walks of life, from those in corporate environments to those making a difference as one-woman enterprises.

Meet visionary women breaking new ground in their professions and in their lives with an unshackled breed of intellect, passion and expertise. Join us weekly in the process of creating a new definition of leadership – one that births new realities. Join us in the transformation of our society.


About The Rettig Corporation:
Turning a business around is not for the fainthearted and you don’t need go it alone. For more than 25 years, The Rettig Corporation has guided business owners to safety, transforming companies throughout the Western United States. Our approach is direct, immediate, and essential to the successful transformation of your balance sheet. Creditors, family members and employees gain confidence almost immediately and the hard years begin to fade into memory.

Our exceptional teaching and coaching skills, as well as our expertise in implementing systems and controls, set us apart from other turnaround specialists. We help you evolve financially.

Our business Turnaround Team is available to you. Contact Us.

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