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Is your business in trouble?

It’s impossible to tell you if you’re in trouble.

It’s impossible to tell you if you’re in trouble, yet that there is hope. You’ve tried everything, you’ve exhausted all opportunities, you’ve made enemies, people are angry with you, you’ve lied, you’ve tried to make things right. It’s not working. Nothing is working. When that happens, it’s called insolvent.

Company Bankruptcy

Insolvent is a situation that happens to people in business who try really hard, people who are overachievers and make jobs happen. People who are the backbone of America try really hard and they get in trouble. Because not everybody can do everything. You can’t wear all the hats. You can’t know all the answers. You need information. Call me. Let me give you more information.

Let’s fight this company turnaround thing together.
Let’s do something right. Let’s make it work.

Company Reorganization / Business Turnaround Expert

Business Turnaround Specialist, Patrick Rettig The Rettig Corp, CEO

Business Turnaround Specialist, Patrick Rettig, The Rettig Corp, CEO

I am Patrick Rettig and proud to have a distinguished career spanning over 25 years as America’s top turnaround expert, I specialize in revitalizing businesses facing critical challenges. My expertise lies in working closely with CEOs to navigate through insolvency, corporate reorganizations, and restoring companies to profitability and stability. Known for a hands-on approach, I have successfully saving hundreds of companies and preserved thousands of jobs, firmly believing in the importance of small to medium-sized businesses as the backbone of the nation.

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