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CEOs like you have been where you’re standing – at a crossroads where every decision is critical. But there’s a silver lining with expert guidance.

Business owners can avoid company bankruptcy with our expert business turnaround strategies. Preserve your legacy and protect your employees.

Avoid Company Bankruptcy

Our business turnaround experts specialize in rescuing companies facing bankruptcy. We’ll work with you to preserve your life’s work and protect your employees’ future.

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Patrick Rettig has been America’s top turnaround man for more than 25 years, saving over 800 companies and thousands of jobs. He is passionate about helping the American entrepreneur – the companies $20 million and under, which are the backbone of this country. Patrick enters the company and goes directly to the CEO. He knows that if the CEO can get back on track, then the rest of the company will follow.

Patrick’s instincts are hyper-keen. His approach is direct, honest and pragmatic. He has a talent for identifying operational problems, structuring, implementing solutions and restructuring staff. As such, he ensures maximum productivity and efficient financial management. His experience includes companies of all ages: start-ups, turnarounds and restructured environments.

Patrick has appeared as a keynote speaker and as a guest on national business television and radio shows, including WORLDWIDE BUSINESS with kathy ireland, Fox Business Varney & Company.

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